38 Japanese Dishes From Just SGD 3 Each At RWS Summer Matsuri This June 2019

Hey, guys! We are here with another update of events and things to do for the upcoming month of June. Oh, if you’re a big fan of Japanese food, this is made for you. Instead of going to Japan, Japan is coming to you! Eat As Many As 38 Japanese Dishes At RWS Summer Matsuri This June 2019. Kickstart the new month right with some Japanese food!

RWS Summer Matsuri Is Happening From 6th To 9th June 2019

Photo: Resorts World Sentosa (Facebook)
Photo: Resorts World Sentosa (Facebook)

There are so many things to do at Summer Matsuri. Naturally, we are going to kickstart with food first! Have you ever wanted to taste something award-winning? Here, you can. Eat award-winning donburi created by Japanese chefs from Furusato Matsuri Tokyo at the very first RWS Donburi Championship. Donburis include Oyakodon (chicken and egg donburi), Echizen Kani Donburi (crab rice donburi), and more!

Photo: Resorts World Sentosa (Website)
Photo: Resorts World Sentosa (Website)

We are going to break some things down in numbers! You can enjoy more than 38 Japanese dishes. That’s not all! There will be more 55 types of sakes, beers, and more. These alcoholic beverages are imported from Japan just for the festival. A festival is never complete without some performances. Stay tuned for Akita Kanto Performance, and Tokyo Koenji Awa-Odori Dance.

Photo: Resorts World Sentosa (Facebook)
Photo: Resorts World Sentosa (Facebook) 

For Akita Kanto Performance, you will be seeing dancers balancing long bamboo polls with paper lanterns attached at the end, lit by real candles. It is surely a once in a lifetime experience that you cannot miss! What’s more? Throughout these four days of festival, free film screenings will be happening too. You can watch some Japanese favourite such as Little Forest, and The Travelling Cat Chronicles.

Japan Is Coming To You At RWS Summer Matsuri

Photo: Resorts World Sentosa (Facebook)

RWS Summer Matsuri is a festival that you cannot miss out on if you’re a big fan of everything Japan! After all, it is free admission. Personally, we are very excited to try out dishes from just SGD 3, and trying out award-winning donburis by Japanese chefs. What about you? What are you looking forward to try out during RWS Summer Matsuri?

Event: RWS Summer Matsuri

Location: Forum, Level B1

Date: 6th to 9th June 2019

Time: 5:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Info: Website

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