10 Nostalgic S’porean Snacks That Will Bring You Back To Your Childhood!

10 Old School Snacks Every Singaporean Grew Up Eating!

The taste of your favorite food can transport you back to your childhood. Bringing you back certain memorable experiences, time or places. So, it’s time for me to bring you down memory lane and reminisce the good old days with some nostalgic childhood snacks. If you were born in the 80s’ or 90s’, you probably grew up eating these snacks!

10 Nostalgic Childhood Snacks Every Singaporean Grew Up Eating!

1. Ice Gems

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As colorful as most of our childhood, Ice Gems has been a hit for generations. With a dollop of meringue icing sitting on top of a bite-sized cream biscuit, this snack is so popular because of how colorful it is! Usually, I only pick the yellow ones. What about you?

2. White Rabbit Candy

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White Rabbit Candy has been making a huge comeback recently, with White Rabbit drinks, soft serve and even merchandise. However, this creamy milk candy wrapped in edible paper has been extremely popular since way back. Each piece of White Rabbit Candy was like a happy pill!

3. Biscuit Piring Wafer

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Of course, it’s another colorful snack! This thin wafer generally does not have much taste but is fun to eat as it melts in your mouth upon contact. Always handle these Biscuit Piring Wafer with care, as they are super fragile and tend to “lao hong” very easily.

4. Egg Balls

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These small Egg Balls may look harmless. But oh boy, are they addictive. You can never just stop at one with this packet of heaven. Each Egg Ball melts into your mouth, with a burst of milky flavor with each bite!

5. Pola Snack

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If you remember saving up money to buy this Pola Snack during your school recess, you are a true 90s’ kid. Pola Snack is crispy animal-shaped crackers that coated with salty seasoning. But once you get past that, the sweetness of the biscuit will come through. Pola Snack has the perfect balance between sweet and savory which is why it was such a popular childhood snack!

6. Apollo Chocolate Coated Wafer

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Apollo Chocolate Coated Wafer is an extremely nostalgic childhood snack. Often found in goodie bags or given out in class by teachers as a reward, this childhood snack brings back so many good memories!

7. Haw Flakes

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Haw Flakes is a snack that you either love or hate. Made from hawthorn fruit, Haw Flakes are thin sweet and sour slices that are stacked one on top of another. Because it is so thin, students often sneak into class to snack on without teachers noticing. Are you one of them?

8. Wheel Crackers

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Wheel Crackers are one of the more underrated childhood snacks I would say. It is something you hardly crave but want to buy whenever you chance upon it at the Pasar Malam. It gives an extremely salty kick with every bite. Also, they have fewer calories as compared to regular potato chips, so you can snack on them guilt-free!

9. Mamee Monster Noodle Snack

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This might be the snack that is causing your hair loss problems now. Mamee Monster Noodle Snack is often crushed into smaller pieces and doused with the sachet of MSG powder that comes along with it. Although extremely unhealthy, it remains high in the rankings of childhood snacks!

10. Push Pop Candy

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Like to save it for later? Push Pop Candy’s lipstick-like design makes it possible for us to keep our sweet snacks for later. Even after they melt and become a sticky mess, it is still extremely delicious and fun to eat! My personal favorite was Blue Raspberry, whats yours?

Top 10 Childhood Singaporean Snacks That All 90s Kids Will Know!

I’m sure each and every one of these 10 snacks that were mentioned, have brought back some sort of childhood memory. Hopefully, good ones only! Let us know which is your favorite childhood snacks in the comments below!

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