10 Must-Try Cheap Dessert Spots From $2 to $8 in Singapore

Craving something sweet – but don’t want to spend a bomb on the next dessert you pick up? If you’re a fan of everything syrupy, decadent, and delicious, then boy have you come to the right place. This week at Singapore Foodie, we’re serving up a sweet recommendation list that’ll have your mouth watering: here are 10 must-try dessert places in Singapore that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


1. Mr Baguette

Photo: @_idy0221 (Instagram)

We’re sure you’ve heard of this first recommendation on our list. Mr Baguette sells savoury baguettes, too, but the highlight of this stall is clearly the lava-cake inspired dessert variations. From your good ol’ Chocolate Lava to the more unique Red Velvet Lava, this stall boasts a veritable smorgasbord of sweet baguettes, most selling for just around $2 ($2!).

Photo: @sunnydazzz (Instagram)
Photo: @lavenderose (Instagram)

Popular flavours include their original Baguette Tart (think egg tart, but make it baguette), their matcha-filled Azuki Lava, and their Hazelnut Lava, which is a chocolate bomb every chocoholic should try! 

Take a gander at their menu hereAnd if you’re feeling like something savoury to go with your sweet treats, you can always try their Carbonara Baguette or their Cheese Lava. 

Address: 505 Beach Rd, #B1-51, Singapore 199583

Opening Hours: 12pm – 8pm (Mon, Wed – Sun) 

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram 

Tel: 9023 3855

2. Haig Road Putu Piring

Photo: @callieho68 (Instagram)

Hankering for a more traditional dessert? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Haig Road Putu Piring is one of our favourite places to go if we’re craving treats with a more local flavour. It’s been around for about 80 years, which may or may not make it older than your grandparents!

Photo: @blurq80 (Instagram)

Their original hawker-centre stall serves only the gula melaka version of this delicious rice cake – oozy, decadent goodness – but if you want a little bit more of a twist to the original flavour, then head on down to their East Village Mall outlet, where they serve chocolate and even durian putu piring! Eat it piping hot and the rice cake will crumble in your mouth, the mild fragrance melting into the richer sweetness of the dark sugar syrup.


At only $2 for 5 pieces for the gula-melaka-flavoured putu piring, this dessert is a steal. 

Address: 970 Geylang Rd, #01-02, Singapore 423492

Opening Hours: 10:45am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)


Tel: 9797 5635

3. Jin Jin Dessert

Photo: @ftv13w5 (Instagram)

While we’re on the subject of gula melaka, why not try out something cold from Jin Jin Dessert? One of their most well-known menu items is the Power Chendol ($2), a mound of soft ice flakes doused in a thick, caramel-like gula melaka syrup, along with the usual coconut milk and soft Chendol jelly. The syrup is made from raw Indonesian gula melaka and cooked fresh every day.

Photo: @dunkel_2211 (Instagram)

Or, if you’re looking for a lighter, fruitier option, why not try the Gangster Ice? The dessert is named this because its Chinese name – Liu Mang Bing, or “Durian-Mango Ice” – is a homonym of “Gangster Ice”, which is an origin story almost as refreshing as this dessert. It features a scoop of durian puree atop a generous serving of fresh mangoes on ice, drizzled over with sweet condensed milk. And it only costs $3!


Address: 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-21 ABC Brickworks Market Food Centre, Singapore 150006

Opening Hours: 12:30pm – 10pm (Mon – Tue, Thu – Sun)

Tel: 9093 2018

4. Dessert King

Photo: Dessert King (Facebook)

Singaporeans love our durians. So what better dessert is there than a durian dessert? Get a Durian Shake with Durian Flesh for $5.70 at Dessert King – a scoop of real durian on top of a nearly-overflowing bowl of creamy durian mousse. Thick, rich, and utterly delicious.

Photo: Eat Tummy Eat (Burpple)

Or, for something a little different, try out their Fried Durian Roll with Ice Cream ($6.80). Flaky, crispy pastry gives way to a soft, sweet durian-filled interior. Have this with a bite of the ice cream that’s served with it, and you’ll be in dessert heaven.

This is a little pricier than the other desserts we have in this article, but it’s durian. And it’s worth it.

Address: 500 Clemenceau Avenue North, #01-16 Newton Food Centre, Singapore 229495

Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:30pm (Mon – Sun)


Address: 531A Upper Cross St, #02-09, Singapore 051531

Opening Hours: 11am – 4pm (Mon – Sat)

Link(s): Facebook

5. The Original Pisang Keju

Photo: @theoriginalpisangkeju (Instagram)

Goreng pisang with cheese – and sweet toppings on top of that? Sign us right up. These delectable golden-brown fritters are fried to perfection and both sweet and savoury – not to mention totally Instagrammable. What more could you want in a dessert?

What’s more, they’re going for only about $6-7 a box, depending on what you order! You can pick from chocolate, salted caramel, condensed milk, and chocolate rice, just to name a few flavours.

Photo: @theoriginalpisangkeju (Instagram)

The Original Pisang Keju operates mostly by delivery (although they sometimes have pop-up shops), so simply place your order via WhatsApp to receive a box of banana-and-cheese deliciousness.

They sell out fast, though, so be quick!

Delivery Timings: 7pm – 10pm (Mon – Fri), 1pm – 7pm (Sat – Sun)

Tel: 87426967 (WhatsApp them!)

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram | Carousell

6. Dessert Monster

Photo: @dessertmonstersg (Instagram)

if you ever happen to be in Toa Payoh, why not give Dessert Monster a try? Every ice cream order you make at this stall comes with a multitude of topping options. And their ice cream is extremely affordable, too. Where else in Singapore can you get 3 scoops of Thai Milk Tea ice cream for $4? The toppings themselves won’t burn a hole in your wallet, either – each is $0.80.

Photo: @dessertmonstersg (Instagram)

But this stall doesn’t just do ice cream. Its Pearly Taho ($2.50) is a good purchase on a sweltering summer day. Soft beancurd topped off with brown sugar pearls and gooey gula melaka syrup – it’s any dessert lover’s dream come true. Eat this with a spoon or a straw; the choice is yours.

Address: 210 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, #01-26, Toa Payoh Lorong 8 Market & Hawker Centre, Singapore 310210

Opening Hours: 9am – 11pm (Mon – Sun)

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

7. Uncle Jimmy’s Ice Cream Cart

Photo: @unclejimmyicecream (Instagram)

We’re all familiar with the traditional ice-cream carts that line the streets of Singapore, but Uncle Jimmy’s is perhaps the most well-known among locals! His cart first shot to fame when he started giving out free ice cream on the 22nd of March a few years ago to celebrate his birthday, and his big, friendly smile will make your day regardless of whether you’re paying for your ice cream or not.

Photo: @chanchan.28 (Instagram)

Of course, Uncle Jimmy sells Singapore’s traditional ice-cream sandwich, which needs no introduction. A slab of ice cream sandwiched between two think, crispy pieces of wafer, it’s our favourite childhood dessert – and it goes for only about $1.

If you prefer your ice cream wrapped in bread, or just in a cup or cone, Uncle Jimmy does those too!

Address: Outside Lavender MRT Station

Opening Hours: 1pm – 6pm (Mon – Fri)

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

8. The Headless Baker

Photo: @theheadlessbaker (Instagram)

Do $2 cakes sound too good to be true? Well, at The Headless Baker, they’re not! This Ghim Moh hawker stall sells pretty cakes that both look and taste good – and yes, prices start at just $2.

Photo: @theheadlessbaker (Instagram)

Try their Earl Grey Lavender Bundt Cake for just $4, or their Lemon Pistachio for $3. Topped with sweet sugar glaze and edible flowers, the cakes are both a sight to behold and a wonder to taste.

You know what the best part is? The stall owners have tailored their recipes for the palates of the older folks who visit Ghim Moh, which means that nothing tastes overly sugary here! If you don’t like too-sweet desserts, The Headless Baker is definitely for you.

Address: 20 Ghim Moh Road, #01-64, Singapore 270020

Opening Hours: 7am – 2pm (Wed – Sun)

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

9. Woong Kee Traditional Beancurd

Photo: Woong Kee Traditional Beancurd (Facebook)

Woong Kee’s traditional beancurd has wowed people of all ages across the board – it’s an oldie but a goldie. The beancurd is made with black soybeans, and pairs extremely well with the sugar syrup. It’s mild, not too sweet, and silky soft, and will definitely satisfy your cravings for a sweet treat.

Photo: Woong Kee Traditional Beancurd (Facebook)

Have it with gula melaka or ginger soup, or just have it plain. No matter what you order, this stall won’t set you back more than around $2-3+ a bowl. And if you want to try their black soybean milk, that’s pretty affordable too at $2.20.

Address: 1 Kadayanallur Street, #01-80 Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore 069184

Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon – Fri), 10am – 9pm (Sat – Sun)

Link(s): Facebook

10. 75 Ah Balling Peanut Soup

Photo: @75ahballing (Instagram)

Okay, we know you know what this stall is. Its reputation precedes it. But its ah balling – chewy mochi balls filled with sweet peanuts or black sesame – is one of the best traditional desserts around, so really, how could we write a dessert article without including it?

Photo: @75ahballing (Instagram)

Choose from 4 soup bases here (peanut, longan, ginger and almond) and pick from 5 glutinous rice ball flavours (peanut, yam, red bean, black sesame, matcha). With 4 pieces going at just $2, we can’t think of a sweeter deal.

Address: 505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre #01-75, Singapore 199583

Opening Hours: 11am – 8:30pm (Mon – Fri), 10am – 8:30pm (Sat – Sun)


Address: 85 Bedok North Street 4, #01-259 85 Fengshan Centre, Singapore 460085

Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:30pm (Sun – Thu), 11:30am – 11:30pm (Fri – Sat)

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

That’s all from us for now, folks. Which of these dessert places will you order from first?

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