Yang Ming Seafood At Ubi Launches New Store-Exclusives Featuring Crab Seafood Paofan, Pig Trotter Chee Cheong Fun And More

Yang Ming Seafood, a locally grown zi char eatery, is renowned for offering premium live seafood at affordable prices in the heartlands. The first outlet, nestled within a kopitiam in the historical estate of Bishan, is complemented by its latest location in the unassuming industrial area of Ubi.


To commemorate Yang Ming Seafood’s second anniversary at Ubi, the outlet is pleased to introduce a menu of signature dishes that have come to define Yang Ming Seafood brand.

Yang Ming Classics Not To Be Missed

1. Andrew Lobster

Served with the option of either live Boston lobsters ($108 for 2 pcs) or Australian lobsters ($147 for 3 pcs). The king of crustacea is flawlessly cooked in a house-made sauce derived from extensive R&D and served over a bed of silky chee cheong fun for a smooth and satisfying match.

2. Double Flavour Tofu Fish ($110/kg)

A work of love, owing to lashings of fried minced pork scented with pao jiao marinade and fried salted fish. The exquisite sauce is lavishly poured over tofu and fish, which are then cooked to provide rich layers of taste.

3. Pig Stomach Chicken Soup ($78)

Warm the heart and stomach with the Pig Stomach Chicken Soup, cooked to rich flavours from pig stomach and kampung chicken, accented with a combination of unique blended herbs and spices.

Other Well-Liked Dishes Not To Be Missed

1. Steamed Baby Sotong ($20) and Fried Baby Sotong ($20)

Left: Steamed Baby Sotong, Right: Fried Baby Sotong

Steamed Baby Sotong has soft baby squid served in a wonderful house-made sauce, while Fried Baby Sotong offers a golden crunchy option.


2. Salt and Pepper Prawns ($30 for 500g)

Salt and Pepper Prawns are a delightful cocktail of freshly cooked prawns seasoned with salt and pepper to highlight their inherent sweetness. Served like a prawn cocktail in a cup, pluck them off as you go for a delicious snack.


Yang Ming Seafood Ubi Outlet Exclusives

1. Umami Crab Seafood Paofan ($138)

Elevate your crab experience with the extraordinary Umami Crab Seafood Paofan, cooked with live crab and prawns for extra sweetness. The prawns undergo an initial cooking process to extract their natural oils, which are then employed to infuse the rich stock. This flavorful stock is then used to boil the rice, ensuring that each bite has a burst of exquisite flavours.


2. Chao Tah Pig Trotter CCF ($25)

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind dining experience with Singapore’s first Chao Tah Pig Trotter CCF. This unique dish combines the silky chee cheong fun with pig trotter to create a smoky ‘chao tah’ char for texture, served atop an egg omelette, delivering an extra protein boost to satisfy your palate.

3. Dry Shrimp Vegetables ($25)

Savour the goodness of greens with the Dry Shrimp Vegetables, featuring a Hong Kong favourite way of preparing crunchy veggies, which are beautifully stir-fried with dried shrimp to provide explosive umami flavours.

4. Golden Gravy Crab with CCF 

Putting crab in the spotlight once more with the Golden Gravy Crab with CCF available with Indonesia live crab ($95/kg) or Sri Lanka live crab ($100/kg), this dish features crab immersed in a luscious golden pumpkin gravy. Brimming with the inherent sweetness derived from a rich crab stock, it is elegantly served on a bed of chee cheong fun, delivering a delectable and indulgent experience.

Hurry Down To Yang Ming Seafood At Ubi Today!

Yang Ming Seafood offers free corkage for all dine-in guests. Bring along a bottle (or two) of your choice and drink glasses are provided at no extra charge. Due to high demand, it is advisable to pre-order their signature dishes from Yang Mong Seafood’s menu to guarantee their availability and freshness.

Come celebrate Yang Ming Seafood Ubi’s milestone, with their new outlet-exclusive dishes today!

Address: 71 Ubi Cres, #01-05 Excalibur Centre, Singapore 408571

Operating Hours: Daily, 11am to 2.30pm | 4.30pm to 10.30pm

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