This Famous Stall At Veerasamy Rd Serves An Irresistible Plate Of Fried Chicken Wing Rice!

I’m sure most of us here can agree that Fried Chicken is definitely a comfort food that we can’t get enough of.  Chicken perfectly fried to a crispy golden brown, a crunchy skin with succulent and flavourful meat on the inside. Is your mouth watering? Because mine sure is! With popular stalls like Eng Kee Chicken Wings and Goldhill Family Restaurant, here’s one more stall you can add to your list! Nestled at Veerasamy Road lies the popular Victor’s Famous Fried Chicken Wing Rice! What makes this classic indulgent so popular at Victor’s? Let’s have a look!

Famous Fried Chicken Wing Stall At Yi He Eating House

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Victor’s Famous Fried Chicken Wing Rice has been around for more than 30 years. Some of you older folks might better know them as Carona Fried Chicken, a popular franchise in the 1980s. The owner, Victor, sold the Carona franchise to a friend years ago. Unfortunately, the franchise has since ceased its operations but the recipe continues to live on through Victor’s current stall. Loyal customers of Carona Fried Chicken have continued to patronize Victor’s stall to this day. From when they were just kids, to bringing their own family for a meal at Victor’s stall, they have never gotten enough of this scrumptious fried chicken! Experience a taste of nostalgia with every bite!


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The Fried Chicken Wing Rice ($3.50), comes with a plate of rice and two crispy chicken wings. The wings are fried to perfection, with the outside giving you the perfect crunch, and the inside still being juicy and succulent! Not only that, the meat is tender and simply falls off the bone. Flavour-wise, the seasoning for the chicken is unlike your typical har cheong gai or western fried chicken, making it really unique! The chicken is super flavourful with hints of Chinese spices, and every bite will leave you wanting more! Additionally, the light batter allows the natural flavour of the chicken to shine, giving a good balance with the spices. A seriously addictive fried chicken!

Irresistible Fried Chicken Wing Rice


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The chilli is a definite must-try to make your fried chicken experience even more shiok! The chilli has a nice garlic flavour, with a pleasant amount of acidity that elevates the tasty fried chicken! Additionally, it has a mouth-numbing sensation similar to mala that leaves you wanting more with each bite! If you can’t get enough of the scrumptious fried chicken, feel free to order more at only $1.50 each!


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Hurry Down And Try Victor’s Today!

Besides the Fried Chicken Wing Rice, Victor’s also offers the classic Roasted Chicken Rice ($3.50) as well. With snaking long queues being a daily occurrence, be sure to head down early to avoid waiting long! Hurry down and try it today!

Address: 638 Veerasamy Rd, #01-101 Yi He Eating House, Singapore 200638

Operating Hours: Daily, 11:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Cover Photo: @jaceonthemove (Instagram), @agentnath (Instagram)

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