This Stall At Circuit Road Serves Vegetarian Satay That’ll You’ll Mistaken For Real Meat!

For satay lovers, have you ever wondered if vegetarian satay can taste as good as the real one? Well, Victor Veggie answers that question with a resounding yes! Every bite you take will have you scratching your head and asking yourself, “is this really vegetarian?” Right at Circuit Road Food Centre lies this stall that serves delicious vegetarian “meat” dishes!

Victor Veggie Vegetarian Satay

Photo:@johnstonloh (Instagram)
Image:@bleudoms (Instagram)

Uncle Victor started his business when he was 24 years old and has been running his stall for over 40 years. As a vegetarian due to his religion, he has been promoting vegetarianism in Singapore, as well as for sustainability and environmental reasons. As a result, in order to make vegetarian meals more appealing to the locals, he began researching and recreating food that would suit our palates.

Photo:@thebasicveggie (Instagram)
Image:@jazzmanho (Instagram)

Upon first look at the satays, you would probably forget they’re actually vegetarian! Made up of soy protein, the satay “meat” has the charred bits just like the real one which gave a pleasant crunch with every bite. Additionally, the bitterness from the charred complemented the smokiness and sweetness of the satay nicely.

When dipped in the peanut sauce, the flavours were further enhanced and you would instantly forget that you’re actually eating soy protein. The “meat” had the chewiness and texture that’s similar to chicken with a slight difference in the aftertaste. However, it is pretty subtle and would not affect the overall enjoyment and taste of the satay. Victor Veggie serves their satay at $0.80 per stick, with a min of 10 sticks.

Photo: Rachel Qi (Facebook)
Image: Rachel Qi (Facebook)

Find Them At Circuit Road Food Centre

Besides their satay, Victor Veggie is also popular for their vegetarian otah ($0.80 each). Made up of soy protein as well, the texture is pretty spot on and has the same flavour and spice to regular otah. Victor Veggie does magic with their mock meat and you’ll be convinced you’re actually eating the real deal! Hurry down and try it for yourself now!

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Address: 79A Circuit Rd, Singapore 371079

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Wednesday, 2:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Cover Photo: @johnstonloh (Instagram), @Rachel Qi (Instagram)

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