This Authentic Pakistani Restaurant At Little India Serves Amazing Cheese Naan & Butter Chicken!

If you’re currently on a hunt for an Indian Restaurant or a new supper spot, perhaps you can give Usman’s Restaurant a try! Just walking distance away from Little India MRT, this is definitely not a spot to miss! Serving delicious and affordable Butter Chicken and Cheese Naan, it’s time to grab your friends for your next supper outing!

North Indian Food At Little India

Photo: @jejaksipalala (Instagram)

Usman’s Restaurant has been operating for many years and is currently managed by Rabiah and her husband, Shahid. Tucked away at the corner of Serangoon Road, this restaurant may appear like a usual Indian eatery, but be prepared to be blown away by the amazing yet affordable food they have here! Serving up authentic Pakistani cuisine with a huge selection of specials and sizzling dishes to choose from, you’re definitely in for an amazing Indian cuisine experience!

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Though they have over nine different types of Naan, their best-seller and crowd favourite would be their Cheese Naan ($2.70)! However, what makes their Naan stand out compared to other places? At Usman’s Restaurant, they don’t just simply place a slice of cheese on top of their Naan. In fact, they incorporate it into their dough as well! This ensures with each bite you take, you’ll be able to savour both the cheese and the flavours of the naan! That’s what makes Usman’s Restaurant stand out from the rest! The addition of cheese makes the naan slightly savoury, which makes the experience of eating a flat-bread more enjoyable! Additionally, the Naan is really soft to bite into and rips apart easily into pieces!

Image: Singapore Foodie

To go along with the Cheese Naan, we recommend getting their Butter Chicken ($5.50)! The butter chicken is slightly sweet and spicy, which complements the Naan. The chicken also has been marinated prior to being added to the gravy, giving an incredible burst of flavours! Despite having breast meat pieces which tends to be dry, the chicken here is very juicy, tender and seasoned to perfection! Be sure to dip your Naan into the gravy with a piece of butter chicken to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Head Down To Usman’s Restaurant Today!

As mentioned, Usman Restaurant also offers a variety of sizzling dishes and specials, so there’s definitely something for everyone! With friendly staff, yummy and affordable food, what’s not to love? If you’re ever in the mood for Indian food, head down to Usman’s Restaurant and give their dishes a try! 

Address: 238 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218085

Operating hours: Daily, 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 a.m.

Cover Photo: @jejaksipalala (Instagram), Singapore Foodie

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