This Spot Serves Green Buns With Thick Otah Fillings That Makes You Feel Soul Shiok

Hello, friends! Have you ever wanted to try out something extraordinary? Perhaps, something entirely new yet familiar that tickles your tastebuds the right way? Well, look no further. This time around, we have discovered an online store that offers green buns with thick otah fillings. Honestly, this creation looks like a gamechanger. Here’s everything you need to know about it!


This Spot Serves Green Buns With Thick Otah Fillings

Photo: @soulshiok (Instagram)

Check out Soul Shiok, an Instagram-based online store that serves green buns with otah fillings. Just recently created back in July, this Instagram page has garnered quite a lot of attention from locals and celebrities alike. Well-loved by many, the open buns are jam-packed with otah fillings that leaves you wanting more. First, there is an outer layer of fluffy and soft green buns.

Photo: @soulshiok (Instagram)

In the middle, you will find otah fillings. Made fresh every day, the Halal-certified buns are made with mackerel fish. Although it appears red indicating that it is spicy, the otah fillings are child-friendly. Additionally, you will be happy to know that these buns are free from MSG and preservatives. Affordably priced at 10 pieces for $14, you can order from its Instagram page itself.

Soul Shiok Is Highly Reviewed & It Is Definitely A Must-Try

Photo: @soulshiok (Instagram)

The bestselling green buns with otah fillings is highly reviewed among netizens, with many noting that it is worth trying. Many netizens have commented that the fluffy steamed buns and flavourful fillings are a perfect combination. Will you be surprising your friends with some buns from Soul Shiok? Or, will you be able to finish ten buns by yourself? It’s time to tag your friends in the comments section to try this together!

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