This Spot At Geylang Serai Serves Flavourful Nasi Biryani With Huge Chunks Of Beef

Out of all the dishes in Singapore, Nasi Biryani is loved by all. If you were to bump into anyone on the street, chances are they have a favourite Nasi Biryani spot. Biryani Express Singapore is likely one of those spots! At Geylang Serai, you could find yourself a nice plate of Nasi Biryani with huge chunks of meat! If you consider yourself a Nasi Biryani lover, this place is the spot to satisfy your cravings!


Classic Nasi Biryani At Geylang Serai

Photo: Singapore Foodie

With competition surrounding them, they still manage to serve noteworthy food to the masses! You can often find the owners interacting with their customers and asking them how their day was! Oftentimes, service makes a huge difference with customers. You may be able to serve good food, but with poor service- you’d be hard-pressed to find loyal customers at restaurants with poor service.

Image: Singapore Foodie

This stall is the definition of a hidden gem. Even during lunchtime, there is barely a line of people! It’s rather unfortunate as they serve their Nasi Biryani very quickly and could very likely meet the demands of many customers- whilst also serving quality food!

Huge Chunks Of Tender Beef

Photo: Singapore Foodie

They serve one dish, Nasi Biryani. You could probably guess by the name. They start their day early, stewing their beef long and slow. This process takes hours to ensure tenderness, as well as flavour! The long wait is surely worth it, as you get a deep, well-seasoned sauce and juicy and tender beef! The rice is cooked whilst waiting for the beef to finish- using a blend of different spices, including saffron! That gives the rice that light yellow and orange tone!

Image: Singapore Foodie

Their Nasi Biryani ($5) is simple but delicious. Its rice is nice and tender with each grain separated. The rice is fully flavoured and seasoned. Paired with the curry sauce alone, you’ve got yourself a dish! However, the beef is the star of the show! A generous portion, plus tender, juicy, rich and flavourful sauce- their beef is unrivalled.

Hurry Down To Biryani Express Singapore Today!

While they do not have long lines, they do close rather early. We suggest coming around 11am when their dish is still fresh! Hurry on down today!

Address: 1 Geylang Serai, #02-119, Singapore 402001

Operating Hours

  • Tues To Thurs, 8am to 1pm
  • Fri, 8.30am to 1pm
  • Sat & Sun, 8am to 12pm

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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