This Delivery-Based Spot Offers Colourful Sweet Potato Ondeh-Ondeh In Singapore


  • Jia Kueh offers colourful sweet potato ondeh-ondeh.
  • It is available for delivery.
  • It is priced at $15 for 20 pieces per box.

Hello, friends! When we were children, it is always a good surprise when our family returns from the supermarket with a packet full of colourful kuih. The colourful traditional treats always have a way to brighten up our mood. Now, it appears that there are many spots in Singapore that are innovatively recreating these treats. Are you ready to help yourself with some elevated ondeh-ondeh? Alright, let’s go!

Colourful Sweet Potato Ondeh-Ondeh

Photo: @jiaryi (Instagram)
Photo: @a.sp00nful (Instagram)

Just in case you have no idea what’s ondeh-ondeh (but, we highly doubt that), it is a traditional kuih that is made out of rice cake, and it is filled with gula melaka. Of course, it is topped off with coconut shavings! Most ondeh-ondeh are green in colour, thanks to the mixture of pandan leaves. Well, this delivery-based spot in Singapore is offering ondeh-ondeh in different colours.

Photo: @a.sp00nful (Instagram)
Photo: @a.sp00nful (Instagram)

Introducing Jia Kueh! It specialises in making sweet potato ondeh-ondeh, and it is highly-raved by those who had tried it. For 20 pieces of ondeh-ondeh, it is affordably priced at $15 per box. There will be a delivery fee of $3, and free delivery is applicable when the orders are more than three boxes.  Some of the fun colours you’ll find in the box include purple, green, and yellow.

Here’s How You Can Order

Photo: @chroniclesofgwennon (Instagram)
Photo: @a.sp00nful (Instagram)

On the very first bite, there will be a burst of gula melaka – just like how good ondeh-ondeh should be. To order this sweet treat, you will need to drop a direct message on Instagram.  It appears that Jia Kueh has allocated some slots for December, so be sure to check with them. What are your favourite traditional kuihs? It is time to let us know in the comments. See you in the next post!

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