The Curry Club: Fine Dining Restaurant Serving Spectacular Traditional Indian Cuisine With A Modern Twist

Combining traditional Indian cuisine with a modern and contemporary twist, The Curry Club Signature at Mohamed Sultan Road truly offers a unique dining experience. Diners can rediscover beloved spices and curries in a new reinterpretation, combining innovation with traditional recipes. Using small plates and sharing platters, it offers a fresh fashionable flair while still sticking to tradition and authenticity.


The Curry Club At Mohamed Sultan Road

Proudly earning its distinction as the first and only restaurant in Singapore run by a local Indian family, The Curry Club was founded by Mr Raj, a former Singapore Airlines cabin crew for over 22 years. When he was retrenched in 2004, he started selling Vadai at night markets before opening a mamak shop in 2006 serving pratas and classic Indian goreng dishes.

The mamak shop not only became a source of income but also played a crucial role in popularizing the family’s iconic homemade masala, which serves as the foundation for many dishes at The Curry Club.

Due to their immense popularity, Mr Raj opened The Curry Club in 2019 alongside his two sons. Despite opening amidst COVID-19, the restaurant quickly gained popularity among locals during the height of the pandemic, drawing a loyal following with their good food, great music, and warm vibes.

Tradition Modernized By Head Chef Saumya Prakash

Offering both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, they are curated by Head Chef Saumya Prakash. With over 17 years of culinary experience spanning across the globe, the menu promises to offer a playful, colourful, and, of course, flavourful dining experience. Chef Saumya skillfully blends contemporary cooking styles and presentations with classic Indian flavors, creating a dining experience that harmoniously combines the best of both old and new, traditional and modern.

Must-Try Dishes At The Curry Club

1. Rollin’ Dosas ($13)


If you enjoy variety in your food, these mini crispy dosa batter cones are stuffed with chicken chukka, braised curry fish, and podi masala with a trio of gravies.

Smoky, flavorful, and spicy, the Chicken Chukka is tender, with the cashew gravy adding a pleasant nuttiness that blends perfectly with the spices. Made with potato, the Podi Masala offers a good contrast of textures and the spinach gravy elevates it with a mild kick of heat. The braised curry fish is delightfully soft and the coconut and tamarind gravy complements and balances the curry flavor, adding a nice contrast.

Diners also have the option to mix the different sauces, providing a customizable experience while cutting through the heaviness.


2. Paati Poppers ($25)

Offering a playful and creative take on a traditional dish, the Paatti Poppers feature sea bream mixed with potato patties, served with truffle Hollandaise sauce. Reminiscent of sardine, the texture of the sea bream complements the crispy exterior. While the Hollandaise adds tang and creaminess, the flavour of the truffle is unfortunately lacking. Additionally, the crispy black disc lifts the dish with a touch of smokiness and crunch.


3. Fire-Kissed Aubergine ($21)

This dish takes your humble eggplant and “burns” it to give a smoky undertone. The smokiness shines through in each bite, with the curry miso cream offering layers of tanginess and mild sweetness. For those who do not like the taste of eggplant, this might be up your alley as the sauce is the most prominent, with the eggplant only coming through at the end.

Texturewise, the potential mushiness of the eggplant might not appeal to some. Topped with chopped chives, it introduces a textural element to the dish that pairs well with the crispy exterior of the eggplant. Due to the richness of the cream, it does get jelak after a while, making it an ideal sharing dish.

4. FGRO Biryani ($37)

Taste biryani like never before with the FGRO Biryani. Indulge in aromatic rice, tender frog legs, and a side of refreshing beetroot raita. Infused with apple woodsmoke, the dish presents a theatrical touch as smoke emerges upon opening, accompanied by a rich aroma of apple wood. The rice, infused with spices and smokiness sets your palate for a flavourful journey.

Cooked beautifully, the frog meat is tender while still retaining its distinct texture, offering a unique twist from your typical Nasi Biryanis. Though the curry has a good kick of heat that builds and lingers, the beetroot raita adds a tangy note and helps alleviate the spice and heaviness. An absolute must-try dish!

5. Smouldering Sweetness ($15)

For dessert, the Smouldering Sweetness offers a unique paan ice cream that you certainly don’t find very often. Paired with burnt house-made cheese and blueberry compote, the cheesecake offers familiar notes while the”burnt” taste adds depth and complexity to the dish. Additionally, the blueberry compote brings balance to the flavours with a layer of tartness.

The Paan Ice Cream has a floral essence that permeates the tastebuds with a delicate and refreshing flavour profile. The combination of mild floral notes, the creaminess of the ice cream, and the distinctive burnt taste in the cheesecake creates a one-of-a-kind dessert that is both familiar and adventurous.

Amazing Cocktails & Mocktails For The Perfect Pairing

1. Curry Leaf Collins ($22) 

The Curry Leaf Collins is a beverage that pays homage to Indian spices, as well as complements your scrumptious dishes. Described as blooming with citrus flavors, it features vodka and house-made curry ginger that is slow-cooked for two hours with ginger, gula melaka, lemon, and lime.

2. Spiced Cobbler ($22)

Offering a sweet and fruity flavour profile with notes of tartness, the Spiced Clobber is prepared with Bourbon whisky, housemade mixed berry jam, orange, cinnamon syrup, and lemon juice. What sets the drink apart is the final shake with burnt cardamom, cinnamon, and star anise that reinvigorates the senses from the very first sip

3. Chai Whisky ($24)

The Chai Whisky offers a comforting and warming chai masala tea combined with a shot of bourbon whisky. Sticking to the tradition of Teh Tarik, the cocktail is skillfully pulled from the pot to the cup and served with a cinnamon stick.

4. Chempedak Delight ($26)

Local ingredients take center stage with the Chempedak Delight, crafted with vodka, Bailey’s, and white chocolate liquor. This indulgent concoction is then elevated by the fragrant infusion of chempedak and the sweetness of gula melaka.

5. Pandan Pleasure ($18)

For mocktails, the Pandan Pleasure is a dessert transformed into a refreshing drink. This vibrant green concoction features palm sugar, fresh milk, cream, coconut ice cream, pandan essence, and finished off with desiccated coconut on the rim.

Hurry Down to The Curry Club Today!

If you’re looking for a taste of authentic and traditional Indian flavours with a modern flare, The Curry Club is just the spot to head to. Coupled with their incredible food and ambiance, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable dining experience. Hurry down today!

Address: 11 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 239010

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Mon, 5pm to 11pm

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