Singapore’s First Ever Pod-Shaped Treehouses To Open in Mandai Eco-Resort in 2023

Hello, fam! Have you always wanted to stay in a forest retreat? Surely, it is going to be a relaxing vacation. Well, you don’t have to travel far anymore as Pod-Shaped Treehouses To Be Included In Banyan Tree At Singapore. Are you excited to see how it looks like? Well, scroll on and check out some photographs and the inside scoop of the brand new resort!

Pod-Shaped Treehouses At Banyan Tree, Mandai’s Eco-Resort.

pod-shaped treehouses
Photo: Mandai Park Holdings

To be ready by 2023, the resort by Mandai Resort Holdings will be the first super low energy resort. Stay in the resort guilt-free as the designs are energy-saving by using natural ventilation and also solar panels. Talk about being futuristic! Be super proud as the design of the resort is designed by local architectural firm, WOW Architects.

pod-shaped treehouses
Photo: Mandai Park Holdings

This is as close as you can get to nature. The treehouses are designed like seedpods, and it will be surrounded by lavish nature landscape. Expect Instagram-worthy moments with treehouses opening to nature! There will be 338 guest rooms and 24 treehouses in total at the 4.2-hectare site. You can relax in the beautiful treehouses, or take up some activities in the resort itself.

Photo: Mandai Park Holdings

Some activities in the resort will include guided nature walks, native wildlife spotting tours, and recycling workshops. Oh, we have forgotten to mention that camping opportunities will be available on the site as well. If you’re a nature junkie, this is surely a must-visit. We love the idea that it is on our island and we don’t have to go far to enjoy something as precious as this!

Can’t Wait For The Opening Of Banyan Tree In 2023

It is going to be very interesting as it is something that hasn’t been offered by other resorts in Singapore before. Are you excited for the opening of the brand new eco-resort? We are very excited! As for now, we have to wait for three and a half years for the grand opening. Currently, where is your favourite vacation spot in/near Singapore? Let us know in the comments!

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