Sheng Siong Offers 2 Oreo’s Cookies & Cream Cake For S$18.80 At Tampines Central


  • Oreo’s Cookies & Cream Cake are on promotion at Sheng Siong (Tampines Central).
  • 2 ice-cream cakes are for S$18.80.
  • Other brands are available too.

Hello, friends! There is no better way to treat yourself than eating some sweet, sweet desserts! In Singapore, there are many great spots to explore plated desserts. But, what if you’re looking for something to bring home? Well, to the grocery stores and convenience stores, of course! Sweet tooth(s), you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to bring home some ice-cream cakes!

2 Oreo’s Cookies & Cream Cake For S$18.80

Photo: @muncheekim (Instagram)

Let’s talk about Oreo! The famous cookies and cream sandwiched cookies are the best thing ever. Over the years, Oreo has been slowly evolving with the introduction of different flavours, and new products. One of the latest fan favourite is none other than Oreo’s Cookies & Cream Cake. It is a match made in heaven with the combination of cookies and cream, ice-cream, and cake!

Photo: @mug_dou_share (Instagram)

If you haven’t tried it yet, Oreo’s Cookies & Cream Cake comes in three distinctive layers. The bottom layer is made out of Oreo’s cookies, followed by cake swirled with some cream, and topped off with chunks of even more cookies! One of Singaporeans’ favourite supermarket, Sheng Siong at Tampines Central, is offering two boxes of Oreo’s Cookies & Cream cake for only S$18.80.

Other Cakes Are Available Too

Photo: @retailnewasia (Instagram)

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring home some ice-cream cake to surprise your loved ones! As said on the box, this cake is best enjoyed when it is chilled. Additionally, it appears that other ice-cream cakes are available on promotion too, such as Cadbury’s. So, if you’re going to Sheng Siong for some grocery shopping, don’t forget to step foot on this aisle! See you on the next post!

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