This Owner From Sarawak Serves A Scrumptious Bowl Of Authentic Sarawak Laksa (Only On Wednesdays) At Expo!

Singapore is no doubt a multi-racial country and home to people of all races. With all the different races brings a plethora of delicious food from different countries. With different cuisines like Malaysian, Taiwanese, and Korean, there is very little chance of us Singaporeans to be ever spoiled for choice. Sarawak cuisine is probably something we don’t have very often which makes this next stall a rare gem! Tucked away at Bedok lies Sarawak Delicacy Laksa & Kolo Mee where they serve a delectable bowl of authentic Sarawak Laksa!

Authentic Sarawak Cuisine At Expo

Photo:@sarawakdelicacy (Instagram)

Sarawak Delicacy Laksa & Kolo Mee was founded by Agnes, who is from Sarikei, Sarawak. She currently runs the stall with her son, serving up scrumptious Sarawak dishes to customers. As a child, Agnes found her passion for F&B from watching her mother cook noodles in her family-owned coffee shop back in Sarawak.

Even after having lived in Singapore for almost 30 years, Agnes still frequently misses the flavours of her hometown. With the Sarawakian community being pretty small in Singapore, she decided to open up her stall at Bedok four years ago to bring comfort to herself and others.

Scrumptious Authentic Sarawak Laksa


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Sarawak Delicacy’s signature dish is the Sarawak Laksa ($5). The flavourful broth is made with fresh prawn shells, laksa spices and chicken bones, which is boiled for at least two hours. Additionally, the laksa’s ingredients are flown in from Sarawak, ensuring the authenticity of the dish. The laksa comes with freshly peeled prawns, bean sprouts, shredded egg omelette, and thin bee hoon. To complete the dish, a generous serving of coriander is topped off.


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Unlike the heavier Singaporean and Penang-style laksas, the Sarawak laksa is milder, making it lighter on the stomach. Additionally, the curry is creamy and has a smooth consistency. The spiciness of the curry and the sweetness of the prawns blends perfectly together, giving a perfect balance of flavours in every sip!

For an extra depth of flavour, add in a squeeze of lime and the homemade Sarawak belachan. This elevates the flavour of the curry to another level! Additionally, unlike the typical Singaporean belachan, the Sarawak version has an intense prawn flavour without being overly salty.


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Try Sarawak Delicacy Laksa & Kolo Mee Now!

Besides their Sarawak Laksa, Sarawak Delicacy also serves a tasty bowl of Kolo Mee! Additionally, Sarawak cuisine is something we don’t see very often, making Sarawak Delicacy a rare gem that you should definitely try! Hurry down and have a taste today!

Address:  1 Expo Dr, Timbre + Eastside, Hall 5 outside #01-113, Singapore 486150

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Wed, 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Cover Photo: @sarawakdelicacy (Instagram), @henry_ng_chin_hui (Instagram)

Due to a fire incident in Bedok’s coffee shop, they are currently only operating at the Expo outlet. It’s now located at Timbre+ Eastside at Singapore Expo.


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