This Taiwanese Uncle Has Been Serving Pork Chop Rice At Bugis For Over 30 Years!

Anyone here miss travelling overseas? Missing all the scrumptious food from around the world? Why not have a taste of Taiwan’s Pork Chop right here in Singapore! Situated at Bugis lies Supreme Pork Chop Rice where a Taiwanese uncle serves a delectable pork chop that tastes exactly like the ones in Taiwan! Simply close your eyes, take a bite, and you’ll be instantly transported to Shilin Night Market!

A Taste of Taiwan At Bugis

Walk past the vicinity and you won’t be able to miss their huge red signboard outside carrying their store name. You can also spot the place by the crowds of office workers queueing up and heading down a flight of steps into a basement coffee shop. This is probably one of the busiest lunch spots in Bugis!

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The owner of Supreme Pork Chop Rice is a Taiwanese uncle that has been running the stall for over 30 years. The stall first started at Victoria Hotel’s food court and has since jumped to a number of places before settling down at Bulkhaul House.

Scrumptious Taiwanese-Style Pork Chop


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One bite of Supreme’s pork chop is certain to make you reminisce of Shilin Night Market. The thinly battered pork chop is fried to a crispy golden brown and seasoned with pepper, cinnamon and spice. Every bite is crispy and the flavour is exactly like the ones you’ll find in Shilin Night Market. Looks like you don’t have to travel far for a taste of Taiwan! Additionally, it has a touch of sweetness and garlic that makes every bite heavenly. Do dip the pork chop into the addictive tangy chilli sauce for an extra depth of flavour!


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What’s great about the pork chop is that it’s fried upon order. This ensures ultimate crispiness and it’ll not be too oily when eating it. Customers can opt for plain rice ($4.50) or fried rice ($5) to go with their pork chop with a side of veggies. Talk about value for money! With it being this delicious and value-for-money, it is definitely a must try!


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Try Supreme Pork Chop Now!

As the coffee shop is pretty small and usually filled with office workers during lunch hour, it is advisable to come at a non-peak hour if you intend to dine in. However, remember not to head down too late or they’ll be sold out! Hurry down and experience Taiwan right here at Bugis now!

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Address: 67 Beach Rd, Basement 189688

Operating Hours: Daily except Sun, 8:00 a.m. – 8:15 p.m.

Cover Photo: @supremeporkchopriceofficial (Instagram), @_whatsuppunk (Instagram).

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