Popular Dessert Shop By Fann Wong, Fanntasy Bakes, Launches Two New Handcrafted Cakes That’s Perfect For Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, Fanntasy Bakes, the online dessert shop owned by actress Fann Wong, is excited to enhance your celebrations with the launch of two new handcrafted cakes created especially for the occasion.


Fann Wong’s Dessert Shop Launches Two New Cakes

A self-proclaimed chocolate enthusiast, Fann Wong is thrilled to introduce a Triple Chocolate Cheesecake for those seeking the ultimate indulgence, as well as a guilt-free option, the Flourless Dark Chocolate Bliss, allowing mothers to indulge without any concerns.

Priced at $68, The Triple Chocolate Cheesecake is a decadent treat unlike any other. Featuring a crunchy chocolate crumble base, it sets the stage for a sumptuous triple chocolate cream cheese filling. The finishing touch is a heavenly milk and white chocolate Chantilly topping, adding an extra layer of indulgence.

Priced at $75, The Flourless Dark Chocolate Bliss is bursting with layers of rich flavors. It features luxurious dark chocolate crémeux, tangy raspberry confit, and velvety pistachio purée, all harmoniously combined and topped with a delectable milk chocolate ganache. Every bite promises a guilt-free indulgence, as this delectable treat is crafted without a single use of flour.

These two delectable delights are now available here. All cakes are available while stocks last, and best consumed within three days, and can be pre-ordered for Mother’s Day.

Hurry place your orders today! 


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