Newly Opened Korean Street Food Tent Bistro At Prinsep Street Serves Authentic Korean Food & Drinks!

For those who are yearning to travel overseas, wished you could be transported to another country just for a bit? Well, this newly opened bistro will take you to South Korea without you even leaving Singapore! Pocha in A Forest is a newly-opened bistro situated at Prinsep Street, serving a plethora of authentic Korean street food and drinks.

Pocha In A Forest: NEW Korean Bistro At Prinsep Street (Instagram) (Instagram)

Pocha in a Forest is filled with hanging plants and grassy wallpapers, transporting customers into a forest. One unique feature of the dining experience are the iconic red tents (pojangmacha in Korean) that you would typically see in the streets of Korea. These Pojangmachas will serve local street food like tteokbokki, hotteok, and kimbap. Additionally, Pocha in a Forest has even brought in yellow plastic chairs and tiny metal tables to make the experience even more authentic.

Array Of Food & Drinks Available

Photo: Pocha in a Forest
Image: Pocha in a Forest

For the lunch menu, they serve favourites like spicy instant noodles ($12), Kimchi Fried Rice ($15), and Marinated Pork ($18) and Beef ($24). On top of that, they also serve three different types of Kimbap. Beef ($11), Tuna ($9), and Vegetable ($7) are the varieties available.

Photo: Pocha in a Forest
Image: Pocha in a Forest

For the dinner menu, it is basically the lunch menu with a few additions only exclusive to dinner. Some of the items include Kimchi Pizza ($18) and Fish Cake Soup ($15).

If you want to munch on something small, there is an extensive menu of Bar Bites to choose from below:

Photo: Pocha in a Forest
Image: Pocha in a Forest

For bar bites, Pocha in a Forest has classic kimchi ($14) and chives ($14) pancake. In addition, they have interesting dishes like Dried Pollack Fish ($12), Fried Prawn Head ($12), and Chicken Heart Skewers ($12). These scrumptious bites will go perfect with an ice-cold beer or with any of the other drinks available.

Photo: Pocha in a Forest
Image: Pocha in a Forest

There are 11 different types of flavoured makgeolli (Korean rice wine) you can choose from like, peach, blueberry, pineapple, kiwi, and original ranging from $24 to $36. The bistro also serves the classic Hite beer ($15/pint), House Wine ($58), and Whiskey ranging from $168 to $228.

Opening Promotion For Beer

Photo: @pochainaforest (Tiktok)
Image: Pocha in a Forest

Pocha in a Forest now has an opening promotion where customers who purchase two pints of their signature Korea Ice Beer (from $15) will get the next mug free! Perfect to head down with your friends to chill over some drinks and delicious food!

Image:@kr_lovesome (Instagram)

Find Them At Prinsep Street

Pocha in a Forest is certain to make you feel like you’re in the streets of South Korea, with the delectable food taking you down memory lane of your previous trips there. Hurry down with your friends now!

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Address: 36 Prinsep Street, #01-01, Singapore 188648 (This TikTok video shows you how to get there)

Opening hours: Monday, 3pm to 10:30pm, and Tuesday to Sunday, 12pm to 10:30pm

Cover Photo: Pocha in a Forest, @pochainaforest (TikTok)

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