Paparch Possibly Has The Most Sought-After Burnt Cheesecake In Singapore

At the beginning of 2020, there were things that were popularised such as burnt cheesecake. Think of burnt cheesecake as an elevated version of your normal cheesecake. Instead of having the same texture throughout, you will be greeted with different textures, from crunchy sides to the gooey middle. Although there are a lot of recipes available online, making the perfect burnt cheesecake is no easy feat.

Paparch Possibly Have The Most Sought-After Burnt Cheesecake


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Thanks to the popularity of burnt cheesecake, there are many bakers that are offering burnt cheesecake. In Singapore, you will be able to get burnt cheesecakes in many different renditions. While some stay true to make original ones, others explored different flavours, including MSW Burnt Cheesecake. If you would like to stay true to the original ones, you will need to check out Paparch.


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Crazy as it seems, Paparch, is always is sold out. At the time of this writing, Paparch is sold out until the end of July. To get your hands on a burnt cheesecake from Paparch, you will need to drop a comment on their latest post, and they will direct message your profile in order to proceed with orders. It is no wonder that the Instagram profile has garnered more than 44 thousand followers.


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On top of that, the popularity is solidified by the number of comments per order posting. Usually offering 200 to 350 cakes per round, it has more than 1,200 comments on each post. So, what makes Paparch burnt cheesecake so enticing? Those who had the opportunity to try out the most sought-after burnt cheesecake mentioned that it has a well-balanced taste.


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Using premium and Halal-certified ingredients to make every burnt cheesecake, it has a combination of sweet and savoury, and the cheese definitely hits the right spot. Super smooth in texture, many people are truly excited about the molten core of the burnt cheesecake. Priced at $60 per burnt cheesecake, it is mentioned that one burnt cheesecake is between seven to eight servings.

Pre-Order Is Full Until End Of July

For more information, or if you hope to get your hands on these beautiful creations, you can check out their Instagram page right here.

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