Oreo Brings Back The Limited Edition MOST Stuf Oreo To Singapore

4x More Stuffing

Foodies, if you love the creamy-white stuffing that comes in Oreos, this news is going to make your day. Oreo is bringing back the limited edition Most Stuf Oreo to Singapore! These ice-cream sandwich looking cookies are bigger than any of the Oreos that have been released. According to on Instagram, Most Stuf Oreo will be available at selected FairPrice branches for $2.99.


The Oreo Most Stuf Has 4x More Stuffing Than Original

The Most Stuf Oreo is the BIGGEST Oreo cookie by far – it comes with 4 times more stuffing than original cookies. Perfect for those that love the Oreo stuffing!


Oreo Most Stuf Was Introduced Back In 2019

According to Business Insider, these cookies were introduced back in 2019 and it was a major hit among fans. Once these limited edition cookies ran out, fans were quick to voice frustrations to social media.

Photo: @pytnhll (Twitter)

Sources: (Instagram)

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