NutriSoy Just Released A Limited-Edition Pandan Flavoured Soya Milk

Soya Milk Just Got Better

F&N NutriSoy is offering their new limited-edition pandan infused soya milk drink! You can get them in 1L ($2.45) and 475ml ($1.50) at several stores across Singapore. It’s the perfect drink if you’re looking for a healthy and delicious alternative. Read on to find out more!

Get Your Pandan NutriSoy Drink From These Stores

The drink can be found in selected supermarkets and convenience stores. If you prefer to order it online, simply log on to their website here, and order from these stores. It’s limited in quantity, so remember to be quick!

Photo: NutriSoy Singapore (Website)

Real Pandan, Low Sugar, High In Protein And Suitable For Vegans

The best part about this drink is that it has many health benefits for you. It’s made with real pandan leaves and is 25% lower in sugar compared to their regular soya milk drinks. For those looking to build some muscle, you’d be happy to know that it contains 9 essential building blocks of protein and is an excellent source of vitamin D3.

Click here for the nutrition facts.

Photo: NutriSoy Singapore (Facebook)

Pandan Leaves Helps Detoxify Your Body

On top of its natural sweetness ,the addition of pandan leaves adds extra detoxifying benefits to your body – it acts as a mild natural laxative that can help excrete the toxins.

Photo: NutriSoy Singapore (Facebook)

Soya bean milk is one of our favourite drinks to enjoy on a hot day. With the addition of pandan leaves in it, it might just be even better regular ones!

Source: Nutrisoy (Website), Instagram, Facebook

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