Nutella Biscuits For $14.95 Per Pack At FairPrice

For fans of Nutella, you will definitely love this! An all-time favourite now comes with a new twist! Everyone’s favourite Hazelnut spread now comes in biscuit form.


Nutella Biscuits Now Available At FairPrice

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Each pack of biscuits is sold at $14.95 at all FairPrice outlets. Each biscuit is made up of wheat flour and brown sugar and comes with a generous amount of Nutella.

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With a crunchy exterior mixed with the smooth hazelnut spread, it would be hard not to enjoy this delicious snack. For those who find it too hard, you can dip the biscuit in milk to soften it or to enhance the taste.

Now Sold At FairPrice

For those who want to try it, do hurry down to your closest FairPrice outlet so you don’t miss out on it!

Cover Photo: @mamma_shopper(Instagram), @ferreroworld (Instagram).

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