NEW: Nongshim Bokkeum Kimchi Dried Ramyun Is Now Available at Cheers and Fairprice In S’pore!

Newly Released Nongshim Bokkeum Kimchi Dried Ramyun Comes With Fresh Kimchi!

The newly released Nongshim Bokkeum Kimchi Dried Ramyun is now available in Singapore! Above all, it would be right up your alley if you love Korean ramen or instant noodles in general. With that being said, you can now get your hands on the new Nongshim Bokkeum Kimchi Dried Ramyun at any Cheers and selected Fairprice supermarkets!

Nongshim Bokkeum Kimchi Dried Ramyun Is Now Available In Singapore!

Photo: @wakeycow (Instagram)
Photo: @wakeycow (Instagram)

If you are a fan of spicy food, then this new trendy Korean instant noodle is perfect for you! Furthermore, leaning towards the spicier side, Nongshim Bokkeum Kimchi Dried Ramyun is now available in Big Bowl ($2.50) or 4 Packs Bag ($5.95 for a pack of four).

Photo: @wakeycow (Instagram)

For the most part, Nongshim Bokkeum Kimchi Dried Ramyun comes with fresh Kimchi sealed in a golden sachet. Hence, this is what makes this Korean instant noodle stand out from the rest, making it the real deal!

All-New Dry Stir-Fried Nongshim Bokkeum Kimchi Ramyun Available At Cheers And Selected Fairprice!

Sour, spicy and slightly smoky, this new Nongshim Bokkeum Kimchi Dried Ramyun is a great alternative to the regular Kimchi instant noodles that we have. In addition to all the goodness, the Big Bowls will be having 1-For-1 promotion from 5th Dec till 18th Dec at Cheers and selected Fairprice outlets, while stocks last! Therefore, head on down to the nearest Cheers or Fairprice outlet near you and try it out for yourself.

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