Must-Try: All the XXL-Sized Food In Singapore That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

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We all know that Singaporeans love their food. How much do they love it, you may ask? Well, apparently enough to create way way oversized dishes fit for a horde of people! Bringing to you: 10 XXL-Sized Food In Singapore That Will Make Your Jaw Drop! If you love eating in big groups or if you have a big appetite in general, here are 10 XXL-sized food that you have to check out. Be warned, they’re BIG.

10 Supersized Food You Will Be Shocked By

1. Halal XXL Seafood Tom Yum at Flying Wok

xxl-sized foods
Photo: @timsumzai (Instagram)
Photo: @alvinlim__ (Instagram)

Flying Wok is a zi char stall in Sembawang that sells this huge pot of Tom Yum! Their Jumbo Mama Wok comes in 3 sizes: small ($13, 1-2 people), medium ($22, 3-4 people) and large ($79.90, 8-10 people). Of course, we’ll be focusing on the large portion – the pot takes up almost the whole table! A standard Jumbo Mama Wok will contain fried chicken cutlet, prawns, squid, scallops, eggs and maggi noodles. However, you can go even cheaper at $49.90 for the same large pot which contains less seafood and more cheesy hot dogs. 3 litres of tom yum broth is needed for this pot!

Location: 105 Canberra Street, Singapore 752106
Hours: Mon – Sun (12pm-10:30pm)
Phone: 8776 1795

2. Mega Meat Mountain at CLAW Mookata

Photo: CLAW Mookata Thai Kitchen (Facebook)
xxl-sized foods
Photo: @mokkexian (Instagram)

The name ‘Mega Meat Mountain’ says it all. You get a heaping pile of raw meat and ingredients for $39.90 (4-5 pax) that you can grill in the centre of the mookata pot or dunk into the bubbling hot broth. 1kg of meat is given, including XO Sauce Pork Belly, Garlic Pork collar, Sesame Chicken, Black Pepper Chicken, Green Curry Chicken and Tomyum Pork Collar. Surrounding the meat mountain is an assortment of Thai Fish Cakes, Hot Dogs, Meat Balls, Cheese Tofu, Crab Sticks and Luncheon Meat. For carnivores only!

Location: 116 Bukit Merah View, Singapore 151116
Hours: Sun – Mon, Wed – Thurs (5pm – 1am), Fri – Sat (5pm – 3am), Closed Tues
Phone: 9159 5123

3. Giant Xiao Long Bao at Yechun Xiao Jiang Nan Restaurant

xxl-sized foods
Photo: @ipohlengchai (Instagram)
xxl-sized foods
Photo: @inessabellelove (Instagram)

Okay, this may be a one-person dumpling, but it still deserves its place in the Supersized Food Hall of Fame. This Steam Minced Pork & Crab Roe Broth Dumpling ($4.80 each) is probably the size of 4-6 regular-sized Xiao Long Bao put together. Not very xiao at all if you ask us! Inside, it is full of hot, flavourful broth that you can stick your straw in and sluuurp! Even though there’s no meat, the unique experience makes up for it!

Location: 6 Raffles Blvd, #02-181/182 Marina Square, Singapore 039594
Hours: Mon – Sun (11am – 10pm)
Phone: 6333 4038

4. Giant Murtabak & TALLEST Tissue Prata at RK Eating House

xxl-sized foods
Photo: @lacryia89 (Instagram)
Photo: @feelmybellynn (Instagram)

Imagine Murtabak stretching across the width of two people! That’s how big RK Eating House’s large Murtabak is. Their Murtabak flavours include the usual mutton and chicken, and you can choose to have them with cheese. They also have sardine or sardine and cheese as a filling. However, the highlight is the tallest tissue prata in Singapore! Their tissue prata spans a good 60-70cm high. You’ll need about 4 people to finish this towering tissue prata!

Location:1 Kensington Park Rd, Singapore 557253
Hours: Mon – Sun, 24 Hours
Phone: 6289 5379

5. 21″ Pizza at Pepperoni Pizzeria

Photo: @iwantmentai (Instagram)
Photo: @mkwongmj (Instagram)

Pepperoni Pizzeria is a pizza chain well-known for their wood-fired pizzas. It is also home to one of the biggest pizzas that you can find in Singapore. If you’re feeling hungry and frisky, order their 21-inch pizza! If you’re unsure of how big that is, a usual pizza is only about 12-16 inches. At Pepperoni, you can custom-order your own toppings, and you can have various different pizza flavours on the same pizza! However, it may not be as filling as you might think as their signature crust is very thin and crisp!

Locations, Hours & Contact

6. Brotzeit Platter at Brotzeit

Photo: @food_and_i (instagram)
Photo: @nelsonutella (Instagram)

Meat, meat and more meat for the hungry folks out there! This Brotzeit Platter ($99) comes with a big Roasted Grain-Fed Pork Knuckle, Jack Daniels-Infused BBQ Ribs, and an assortment of German sausages. This large meat platter is fit for four, with so much meat that it will leave all the carnivorous eaters satisfied.

Location, Hours & Contact

7. 1.6kg Tomahawk Wagyu Steak at Bedrock Bar & Grill

Photo: @bedrocksg (Instagram)
Photo: @bedrocksg (Instagram)

Wait, what? A steak weighing almost 2kg? Forget about the usual 150g and 200g steaks that are usually served! Bedrock Bar & Grill’s Tomahawk steak features a hefty cut of Wagyu ribeye steak with the bone still attached, coming up to about 1.6kg. The weight of the bone is included, but that’s because cooking the steak with the bone actually makes your meat softer and retains more moisture! Good things deserve to be shared, so share this between 3-4 hungry adults for a satisfying meal!

*Price varies depending on market price

Location: 96 Somerset Road, #01-05 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard, Singapore 238163
Hours: Mon – Sun (12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm)
Phone: 6238 0054

8. XXXXL Burger at Fatburger

Photo: @mrs.euniceha (Instagram)
Photo: @jonnyboyeats (Instagram)

If you’re up for a real challenge, try out Fat Burger’s Quad (XXXL) Burger! If you haven’t guessed already, the name comes from the four patties-tall burger! Finishing this burger is so tough that they even have a challenge where customers who manage to finish this XXXL Burger by themselves earn a spot in their hall of fame. However, we definitely recommend sharing this with one or even two people. This burger is so big that you’ll need to stretch your mouth extra wide for a bite!

Fatburger – Velocity @ Novena Square
Location: #01-08/09, 238 Thomson Road, Velocity @ Novena Square, Singapore 307683
Hours: Mon – Sun (10am – 10pm, last order at 9:30pm)

Fatburger – Kinex (Formerly ONEKM)
Location: #01-70/71/72, 11 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 437157
Hours: Mon – Fri (11am – 10pm), Sat, Sun & PH (10am – 10pm), last order 9:30pm

9. Meat Platter On Fire at Fyr Cycene Ond Drinc

Photo: @hungryprincesscarol (Instagram)
Photo: @justinlowhs (Instagram)

We don’t know whether to be amazed by the array of meats on this platter, or the fact that the platter is lit on fire. No wonder it’s called Caveman Supper ($150++). It features Pork Knuckle, Bone-In Short Ribs, Free-Range Yellow Chicken, Lamb Ribs, Bone Marrow, Tripe and Roasted Vegetables. Lastly, it is set on fire right in front of your eyes! On their website, they recommend sharing this platter among 3-4 people.

Location: 19 Boon Tat St, Singapore 069619
Hours: Mon – Thurs, Sat (11:30am – 11pm), Fri (11:30am – 12am), Sun (11:30am – 5pm)
Phone: 6221 3703

10. Chops! XXL Platter at Chops Grill & Sides

Photo: @limjoey (Instagram)
Photo: @n.rae (Instagram)

This Western hawker stall can serve 6-8 people with this two-tray platter! Their Chops! XXL Platter ($59.90) consists of Grilled Cajun Chicken, Fried Breaded Fish, Grilled Garlic Pork Collar, Panfried Norwegian Salmon, Australian Grain-Fed Ribeye Steak and half a rack of Spiced BBQ Babyback Ribs. That’s not all – you’ll also get another tray of sides. The second tray includes cherry tomatoes, potato and egg salad, tuna salad, Romaine lettuce, coleslaw, garlic fried rice, mash potato, aglio olio, mac and cheese and shoestring fries!

Chops Grill & Sides – Ang Mo Kio
Location: 727 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, Broadway Coffee Shop, Singapore 560727
Hours: Mon – Sun (11:30am – 10pm)
Phone: 9188 8206

Chops Grill & Sides – FOMO
Location: 38 Sultan Gate, #01-01, Singapore 198486
Hours: Mon – Sun (11:30am – 10pm)
Phone: 9188 8206

10 XXL-Sized Food In Singapore That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Somehow everything that is recreated in XXL-size will go viral. These mega-sized food are not for the faint-hearted and are meant to be shared with others. Meaning, they are great for big gatherings! Which of the above 10 XXL-sized food surprised you and which would you bring your kakis along to try? Tell us in the comments below!

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