This Popular Spot At Geylang Serves Their Fishball Noodles With Scrumptious Fried Fishballs!

If you’re looking for a comforting and tasty meal along the Geylang area, why not check out Meng Boon Fishball Noodles which serves up tasty fishball noodles with their amazing fried fishballs. Tucked away at Sims Drive, this spot draws crowds to its stall on a daily!


Popular Stall At Sims Vista

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Meng Boon Fishball Noodles was founded by Uncle Meng Boon’s father in the 1940s at Lim Tua Tow market in Serangoon. Uncle Meng Boon now runs the stall alongside his wife and son, who will take over the stall when he retires.

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What sets the stall apart from the rest is definitely their signature fried fishballs. An ingredient you don’t see very often in fishball noodles, these little bouncy delights are what draws crowds from all corners of Singapore. Don’t be surprised to find a long queue when you’re there, but more when there isn’t one!


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The Fishball Noodles ($4.50) are served with an array of ingredients, consisting of- fishcakes, thinly-sliced pork and minced pork, and your regular and fried fishballs. The springy noodles are coated in a flavourful tomato-based chilli sauce, delivering profiles of sweet, savoury, spicy, and tangy all in one bite.

Additionally, the crispy chunks of lard add a beautiful layer of umami to the noodles. Other than the fishballs, the other ingredients are pretty average, with nothing much to rave about.

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The regular fishballs are light and bouncy, with a good amount of flavour without tasting too fishy. The highlight of this tasty dish is no doubt the fried fishballs. With it being fried, the golden brown layer on the outside adds a pleasant chewiness to it.

Simply take a bite of the QQ and flavourful fishball, and you’ll know why it is so well-loved by customers. Whether you’re a fan of fishball or fishball noodles, this spot is definitely a must-try!


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Hurry Try Meng Boon Fishball Noodles Today!

As Meng Boon opens at 6.45am daily, they are the perfect breakfast spot to check out if you’re in the area. Do note they close at 3.30pm so be sure to head down early to not miss out. Hurry down today!


Address: Blk 45, Sims Drive, #01-108, Singapore 380045

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Mon, 6:45 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Cover Photo: @jt6263 (Instagram)


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