This Spot In Clementi Offers Smooth Porridge With All Sorts Of Seafood & Pork Parts

When is the right time to have some porridge? Is it a) when you are feeling sick? or b) it is always a good time for some porridge? For us, the answer is most definitely b. Imagine thinking of a spoonful of warm porridge! The feeling when it sinks into the throat is just absolutely marvelous. Dreaming of the perfect bowl? Here’s where you can find it in Clementi.

Smooth Porridge With All Sorts Of Seafood & Pork Parts

Photo: Mei Jie Porridge (Facebook)
Photo: Mei Jie Porridge (Facebook)

Operated by a young couple, Mei Jie Porridge located at Clementi West Street 2 has been serving bowls and bowls of fresh porridge. To make the perfect bowl of porridge isn’t easy. To ensure that it is consistently thick without lumps, these pots of porridges are continuously hand-stirred. As a result, each and every bowl of porridge is thick and silky, just the way we like it!

Photo: Mei Jie Porridge (Facebook)
Photo: Mei Jie Porridge (Facebook)

To pair together with the steaming hot bowl of porridge, Mei Jie Porridge offers different toppings! We are spoiled for choices. The menu offers Pork Balls & Pork Slices Porridge ($4), Mixed Pork Porridge ($5), Fish Porridge ($5), Chicken Porridge ($4), among many others. The highlight of the menu is none other than Premium Porridge, priced at $8.

Photo: Mei Jie Porridge (Facebook)
Photo: Mei Jie Porridge (Facebook)

When you see the amount of the ingredients, you will understand why Premium Porridge’s price is far off from the others. It comes with scallops, prawns, fish, cuttlefish, pork balls, pork slices, chicken, and century egg. No matter the choice of porridge you have ordered, it comes with youtiao. For those who think that porridge isn’t an everyday dish, we are sure that Mei Jie Porridge will change your mind!

Mei Jie Porridge Located At Clementi

Address: 722 Clementi West Street 2, #01-150, Singapore 120722

Operating Hours: Daily except for Monday, 6:00 a.m – 2:00 p.m.

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