McDonald’s S’pore Brings Back 2-Piece Crispy Chicken Feast, This Time With Coconut Pie


Hello there foodies! Being at home during Circuit Breaker is an excellent way to keep ourselves safe but what happens when we have this insatiable craving for McD? Like always, McD is a crowd favourite as you can tell by the snaking queue when they reopen. This time around, they’re bringing back the Crispy Chicken so we can all have a feast at home.

Crispy Chicken Feast Is Back At All McD S’pore Outlets

The McDonald’s Crispy Chicken was first introduced a year ago, back in February 2019. And let’s admit, it’s something that we still miss right until now. Our neighbouring country, Malaysia has been savouring on their version of Ayam Goreng McD for some time (they even have 3x Extra Spicy Ayam Goreng). And now, it’s finally our turn to have a fried chicken fiesta!

Photo: @McDonald’sMY

This announcement was made officially on their Facebook page as they update their cover photo with this iconic come back. If you’ve ever had the chance to try it out in the past, you’ll know that it’s not only juicy, tender but it also has a crispy coating that’s fried till golden brown perfection.

Crispy Chicken McDonald's Singapore
Photo: @mcdsg (Facebook)

Additionally, in line with this comeback, they are also releasing the 2-pc Crispy Chicken Feast that comes with sides including Coconut Pie, small Coke and medium fries. Remember how the Coconut Pie has nata de coco bits in it? This time, you can kill two birds with one stone and try out the Coconut Pie and Crispy Chicken at the same time.

Photo: @PopSugar (Website)
Crispy Chicken McDonald's Singapore
Photo: @mcdsg (Facebook)

Ready For A Feast?

So, if you’re still looking for a lunch or dinner plan today, then try out the Crispy Chicken Feast! It’s now available for takeaway, Drive-Thru or contactless delivery on McDelivery®. Enjoy guys!

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