McDonald’s Iconic Japanese-Themed Garden Outlet At Queensway Extending Its Stay!

For the westies, you probably might have visited this McDonald’s at least once in your life. This iconic Japanese-themed Ridout Tea Garden located at Queensway was initially said to be closing down in Dec 2021. Due to the expiry of their lease, it was meant to cease its operations at the end of the year. But not anymore! This iconic outlet will be extending its stay for a little while longer!


Iconic McDonald’s Queensway Outlet

Photo:@z.e.r.o.10 (Instagram)

Situated within the Ridout Tea Garden, this iconic outlet has been there since 1989. The garden was formerly known as “Queenstown Japanese Garden”, and was used as a recreational and leisure spot for residents. However, a fire broke out in 1978 and consumed most of the original garden. In 1980, the Housing Development Board decided to rebuild the garden. This became the current Japanese-themed garden we know today. Additionally, It includes a tea kiosk and a single-storey house pavilion, that McDonald’s currently occupies.

Outbidding 13 Other BIdders

In April 2021, the Singapore Land Authority released a Price and Quality tender for the site, which is part of the Queenstown Heritage Trail. The Singapore licensee for McDonald’s Hanbaobao Pte Ltd, was awarded the tender for the 580 Queenstown property spanning 57,453.9 sqft.

Hanbaobao placed a renting bid of $40,000 a month, the second-highest behind The Oddle Company’s bid of $55,000 a month. The Oddle Company owns the food delivery service, Oddle Eats.

A total of 14 bidders applied for the site designated for retail or F&B purposes, with bids ranging from $14,888 to $55,000 per month.

Photo: Singapore Land Authority
Image: Singapore Land Authority

Head down to McDonald’s Queensway Now!

Now that the iconic Queensway outlet is extending its stay, head down now and experience the nostalgia!

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Address: 580 Queensway, Ridout Tea Garden, Singapore 149066


Operating Hours: Daily (except for Fri and Sat), 7:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. , Friday & Sat, Open 24 Hrs

Do note the current operating hours might differ due to the current Covid-19 Measures 

Cover Photo: @voyage.inspirations (Instagram), @travelling_singaporean (Instagram)


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