Marvel X Miniso Merchandise Available At Miniso S’Pore From 5 July 2019

Merch Is Inevitable...

The long-awaited Marvel X Miniso series will finally be launching in Singapore at 11 am on 5 July 2019. They will only be available at two outlets currently – Miniso Vivocity and Waterway Point. The last installation to Marvel’s The Avengers movies, Endgame, was released more than 2 months ago. However, The Avengers fans are still shook over the three-hour long movie. Plus, we don’t want The Avengers to end – give us more!

From the sneak peek that Miniso has been giving us via their Facebook page, the merch that we can expect range from tumblers to pillows, plush toys and even a computer mouse. All of these will be decorated in your favourite Marvel characters!

Take a look at the Marvel X Miniso merch:

Miniso X Marvel
Photos from Miniso Singapore (Facebook)

Miniso X Marvel

Miniso X Marvel

They look so amazing! Additionally, you can expect them to be affordably-priced at Miniso.

As The Avengers are so popular and well-loved, a crowd is inevitable. This is the scene from the Miniso X Marvel launch in other countries:

Photo: Miniso Singapore (Facebook)

So expect there to be a crowd, especially since Singaporeans love queueing up for things!

The merchandise are so cute and they’re perfect for both hardcore fans and casual fans of the movie franchise. Will you be trying to get some of these Miniso X Marvel merch for yourself? We know we will! Can it be 5 July already?? We can’t wait!

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