KFC S’pore Now Has Breakfast Waffles With Fried Chicken, Sautéed Mushroom And Scrambled Eggs

What’s a perfect morning like for you? For some, it would be kickstarting the day with a hearty breakfast that guarantees a productive day ahead. So if you’re still looking for the perfect breakfast, head over to KFC. They’ve just dropped the Breakfast Waffles and we can already foresee it’s gon be a hearty breakfast for all.


Make Way For KFC Breakfast Waffles

For this release, you can pick from 2 variations, the KFC Waffle & Chicken Platter or the Waffle & Sauté Mushrooms Platter. Both come with golden brown waffles that are made using a traditional waffle maker, said KFC.

In addition to that, the KFC Breakfast Waffle will also consist of creamy scrambled eggs. So we can all have a fluffy morning.

Now let’s check out the 2 types of breakfast platter at KFC:


1. Waffle & Chicken Platter Meal: S$8.95

This platter meal comes with a waffle and with an added crispy Original Recipe fried chicken to it. To pair with the waffle and fried chicken, there is a cup of coffee and a piece of hash brown as well as some scrambled eggs.

2. Waffle & Sauté Mushrooms Platter Meal: S$8.65

As for the 2nd option, you can pair the waffle with some sauteed mushroom together with turkey bacon, a piece of hash brown, and a cup of coffee.

Or, planning on a breakfast feast with your family? Opt for the Waffle & Porridge Buddy Meal at $12.95 with a bowl of porridge and 2 pieces of hash browns and 2 cups of coffee.

KFC Breakfast Waffles


For A Hearty Breakfast, Try Out KFC Breakfast Waffles

Now the KFC Breakfast Waffles are available at all KFC outlets. So what are you waiting for? We’re on our way to try out this new release. Bye!

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