This Popular Coffee Roaster Moved To Outram Park With A NEW Menu & Awesome Coffee To Enjoy!

Joining the big boys around the Keong Saik neighbourhood is the newly-relocated and popular cafe,  Homeground Coffee Roasters. With a revamped and more extensive menu at their new outlet, indulge yourself with incredible Asian-fusion dishes like their Slow-Braised Pork Belly and Mezze Platter for the perfect pairing with your coffee!

Homeground Coffee Roasters Relocates To Outram Park

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

Previously at Katong, Homeground Coffee Roasters was a go-to spot for many coffee lovers. Their new outlet at Outram comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, upgrading the dining experience from simply serving great coffee. Instead of the rustic vibes like their previous outlet, they have gone for a more minimalistic and elegant look this time.

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

The café is made up of two unit spaces, with a stylish bar counter in the centre where the preparation of the coffee is on display. Decked in neutral tones, the colours blend well with the surrounding botanical features. Additionally, there’s a store within the cafe where you can purchase an array of coffee beans for your own brewing at home.

Pork Belly ($18)

Photo: Singapore Foodie

This tasty dish features slices of slow-braised pork belly served with a Taiwanese-inspired sauce and fermented pineapple puree. The pork belly is thinly sliced, allowing you to enjoy its incredible tenderness with the layer of fats just melting in your mouth beautifully.

Even after being left out for a significant period of time, the pork still remains succulent and tender, giving it a huge plus point. As for the sauce, it gives a pleasant sweetness that pairs well with the flavour of the pork. In contrast to it, the pineapple puree adds zing and acidity, giving a delightful blend of flavours with each bite.

Mezze Platter ($15)

Image: Singapore Foodie

Up next is an appetizer that is the perfect sharing dish for those who enjoy a variety of flavours. The Mezze Platter is served with sourdough bread, and crackers with an array of dips – tzatziki, homemade hummus, smoked beef fat butter, burnt coconut butter, and kaya. The sourdough bread is fluffy and has a nice crispy edge with a slight tang to it. As for the crackers, they are typically ones you would normally pair with wine and cheese.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

For the tzatziki, it is your classic yoghurt dip, giving a good amount of tanginess. The homemade hummus gives each bite a delightful creaminess with the flavour of the chickpeas coming through really well.  Probably the best out of the five, the smoked beef fat butter is simply divine. Although it could use a tad more smokiness, the butter is seriously creamy and the flavour of the beef fat just shines through incredibly well. It’s as if a steak just melted in your mouth!

Moving on to the sweeter side, the burnt coconut butter has grated coconut mixed in. Giving a slight crunch, it gives a good contrast of texture to the creaminess of the dip. Flavourwise, the taste of the coconut is pretty prominent, with a slight smokiness to balance out the sweetness. As for the kaya, it has a delightful homemade taste to it. It is also definitely more pronounced compared to your typical ones, yet it is not too overwhelming.

Image: Singapore Foodie
Photo: Singapore Foodie

Try Homeground Coffee Roasters Today!

For all the coffee connoisseurs, be sure to try some of Homeground’s filtered coffee like their Iced Ethiopian Coffee ($9) and Yemen Coffee ($9). With their new location, Homeground Coffee Roasters is certainly no longer just a popular spot for great coffee, but for scrumptious food as well. Hurry down and try them for yourself today!

Address: Teo Hong Rd, #13 15, Singapore 088328

Operating Hours: Daily except on Tues & Wed, 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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