This Spot At Redhill Food Centre Serves Up Incredible And Comforting Homemade Claypot Chicken Curry

Hidden away in Redhill Food Centre, Hock Shun Traditional Homemade Curry is a humble hawker stall selling old-school homemade chicken curry reminiscent of your grandmother’s cooking!


Hock Shun Traditional Homemade Curry Serves Old-School Curry

Photo: @aw_tang_food (Instagram)

The menu is a straightforward and concise one here, with the variety of items limited to only 5 claypot curry options. Choose either one to pair with your pick of white rice, turmeric rice, or bread.

A must-try item is of course the stall’s signature dish: the Home-made Claypot Curry Chicken Drumstick ($5). The ultimate star of the show at Hock Shun, this piping hot favourite comes served in a ceramic clay pot. We recommend pairing it with a basket of toasted bread to soak up every last bit of the delicious curry.

Signature Curry Chicken Claypot Meal

Photo: @cherilyn_tan (Instagram)

Boiled and simmered with a variety of fragrant spices, the aromatic curry does not disappoint with a creamy and buttery mouthfeel. Diners with a low tolerance for all things spicy need not worry as the curry is mildly sweet, with an underlying taste of tangy spice.

Photo: @absolute_junkie (Instagram)

Each bowl of irresistible curry is priced at $5 and consists of a piece of chicken drumstick and breast. Together with the chicken drumstick and breast is a large chunk of potato that provides a starchy and crumbly contrast to the glossy curry.

Four Different Curry Variations To Choose From

Photo: @cherilyn_tan (Instagram)

For those who wish to try something other than the Home-made Claypot Curry Chicken Drumstick ($5), the stall offers four other curry variations including Home-made Claypot Curry Veg ($4), Home-made Claypot Curry Chicken Wing ($4.50), Home-made Claypot Curry Yong Tau Foo ($4.50) and Home-made Claypot Assam Curry Fish ($6).

A trip worth the distance and the calories, head down to Hock Shun Traditional Homemade Curry whenever you’re craving for some old-school curry chicken!

Photo: @hungryunicornsg (Instagram)

Address: 85 Redhill Lane, Redhill Food Centre, #01-66, Singapore 150085

Operating Hours

  • Daily, except for Tues, 10am to 9pm
  • Tues, 9am to 9pm

Cover Photo: Hock Shun Traditional Homemade Curry Singapore, @hungryunicornsg (Instagram), @aw_tang-food (Instagram)


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