Fufu Pot x Lucky Dumplings Releases NEW Kimchi & Egg Dumplings And Mala Dumplings From Now Until July 31

Are you a lover of dumplings? Do you also enjoy hot pot? If you are, today is your lucky day! Fufu Pot x Lucky Dumplings have collaborated to give us two amazing new dumpling flavours! They have released all-new Kimchi & Egg Dumplings, as well as Mala Dumplings! These salacious sides are the perfect pairing for Fufu Pot’s signature pots! Do note that these items are only available from now to July 31 so don’t miss out!


Fufu Pot X Lucky Dumplings Collaboration

Fufu Pot is known for changing the game in terms of soups, ensuring that it is filled to the brim with bold flavours as well as being inspired by Asian cuisine! Lucky Dumplings prides itself on its local-inspired dumpling flavours. You can get flavours like chilli crab and more bold flavours like the new Kimchi & Cheese! Together, these two different food spots create a medley of Asian-style flavours that blend fantastically well! This is a collaboration you do not want to miss!

With this brand new collaboration, you can expect a ton of different flavours, textures and all-in-all deliciousness! With how similar both food spots have in terms of flavour, it is no surprise that they are now summer’s hottest power couple! We suggest trying these new dishes yourselves and see what happens when two of the best food spots work together! Also, you can look forward to their new Weekday Lunch Set ($14.90/ $12.90 for students) available now! This includes 1 regular pot, 1 side dish or dessert and a drink!

New Kimchi & Cheese Dumplings And Mala Dumplings

Their new Kimchi & Egg ($7.80 for 4 pieces) is an amazing combination. The tangy, fermented flavour of the Kimchi, along with the rich, luscious flavour of cheese pairs spectacularly well! We suggest pairing this dish with their signature Stinky Tofu and White Curry! The skin of the dumpling is nice and soft with a slightly chewy texture as well. The dumplings are served on a hot plate and finished with their sultry and oozy Aburi cheese and garnished with crunchy Kimchi. This dish is both a flavour and texture sensation!


Speaking of sensations, their new Mala Dumplings ($7.80 for 5 pieces) will most certainly pack a punch! Their Mala is served in double doses with Lucky Dumplings’ spicy packages mixed with Fufu’s spicy and crunchy nuts! This dish is not for the faint of heart! But if you have a hankering for spice, this is for you! You can also enjoy this with their new pot, The Beer Belly ($24.90) available from now until July 31. It features a rich chicken broth infused with premium beer- this could help you cut the spice from the Mala Dumplings! There are so many pairings to choose from, you are spoiled for choice!

Hurry Down To Fufu Pot And Lucky Dumplings Today!

It is not every day two food giants such as Fufu Pot and Lucky Dumplings collaborate, so don’t miss out on these new items! We expect these dishes to be the talk of the town, so do hurry down to get a taste before they are all gone! Do check out Fufu Pots on Facebook and Instagram, as well as Lucky Dumplings on Facebook and Instagram– for more updates!


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