This Hidden Gem At Ubi Serves Unique And Delicious Curry Puffs (Salted Egg Lava, BBQ Chicken, & Mayo Tuna)!

When we think of curry puffs, the classic curry and sardine are usually the flavours that come to mind. However, have you ever found yourself searching for more unique ones? Well, Fang Handmade Curry Puff is just the spot to satisfy those cravings! With one-of-a-kind delights like Salted Egg Lava, BBQ Chicken, and Mayo Tuna curry puffs, this hidden gem is a definite must-try! Whether you’re a curry puff fan or an adventurous foodie, these amazing pastries are certain to hit the spot!

Hidden Gem At Ubi

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

Fang Handmade Curry Puff is a quaint little stall tucked away at an industrial coffee shop at Ubi. Run by a husband-and-wife duo, Mr Sim and Mrs Fang, the story behind their stall name is actually quite a heartfelt one! The couple was initially selling nonya food under a different name, and when the business failed, Mrs Fang continued to encourage Mr Sim to preserve and try again, They then gave it another shot and opened their curry puff stall three years ago, and continues serving up scrumptious curry puffs to this day!

Although Mrs Sim was inexperienced, she helped out Mr Sim in whatever aspect she could to encourage him to continue running the business. As a result, he promised if the curry puff business succeeds, he will let her take ownership of the stall, which is why the stall’s named after her! Truly inspiring and touching to see how far they’ve come!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Why they decided to serve such unique flavours you may ask? Well, it’s simply because they love to eat them! Preparation starts as early as 6am daily to make their special mix of dough. The tau sar piah dough they use in combination with their regular puff dough is a secret recipe, and it’s what makes their curry puffs so fluffy and crispy! Additionally, the puffs are much lighter as compared to the typical curry puffs, allowing you to gobble them down with ease!

Unique & Delicious Curry Puffs

Image: Singapore Foodie

For the Salted Egg Lava ($1.50), the crispy exterior houses a warm and luscious salted egg sauce on the inside that oozes out beautifully as you split the puff open! Imagine a tasty liu sha bao (custard bun), but in a curry puff pastry instead! The salted egg sauce leans more on the sweet side, making it a lot less jelak. You can definitely down a few and still be craving for more! For fans of liu sha bao and curry puffs, this amazing delight is the perfect treat for the best of both worlds!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

This is a flavour you definitely don’t see very often in curry puffs! For the BBQ Chicken ($1.50), it is pretty reminiscent of the dim sum pastry – the char siu sou (BBQ pork bun)! The inside reveals scrumptious chunks of sweet-savoury chicken, giving each bite an explosion of flavour!  As the chicken chunks are fairly sizeable, they make the curry puff really substantial. Additionally, the sauce prevents the puff from getting dry, ensuring it stays nice and moist till your last bite! Definitely a must-try!

Image: Singapore Foodie

The last of the unique and delicious flavours is the Mayo Tuna ($1.40)! The flavour of the tuna is definitely the most prominent, with a hint of mayo that adds a slight tang to it. On top of that, it has the perfect amount of heat to balance out the flavours as well as ensure you don’t find it too overwhelming! It’s actually pretty similar to the tuna puffs you would find at Polar Puffs & Cakes, except that the pastry is different and there’s more kick to it! A great alternative to your typical mayo tuna sandwich!

Image: Singapore Foodie

Head Down To Fang Handmade Curry Puff Today!

Besides the three unique flavours, the stall also serves your classic ones – the Chicken Curry and Sardine, which are also scrumptious and pack a really good punch! As they open at 7am daily, it is the perfect breakfast spot to head to if you’re in the area! Do note they close at 5pm so be sure to head down early to not miss out! Hurry down today!

Address: 8 Ubi Rd 2, Frontier, Singapore 408538

Operating Hours: Mon- Fri,7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Sat, 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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