Famous Local Fast Food Chain: Everything With Fries Is Coming Back to Singapore


  • Everything With Fries is coming back to the Singapore food scene!
  • The fast food outlet shuttered their store in December 2017.
  • Check out their Har Jeong Kai burger and Nutella crepe cake when they reopen!
Photo: Everything With Fries Singapore (Facebook)
Photo: @ewf_sg (Instagram)

If you were one of the many fans of Everything With Fries who was disappointed when the fast food outlet closed in 2017, we have good news for you. Everything With Fries is coming back to the Singapore food scene – and we’re so excited for it!

Photo: @ewf_sg (Instagram)

They’re Making A Comeback

Everything With Fries closed their doors in December 2017, much to the dismay of their fans. A poster up at their Orchard Central branch had explained the reason for their leaving: the higher-ups had asked them to vacate their unit to make way for an international retail brand. Oh, woe is us.

But those sad times are over now! The fast food outlet recently announced on both their Facebook page and their Instagram that they would be making a comeback. “Missed us? After a long hiatus, EwF is excited to come back on the scene with our classics!” They wrote on an Instagram post on June 9th.

If they’re excited, then we’re ecstatic – especially when we think about all the absolutely scrumptious things they used to serve (and hopefully will serve again), including their Har Keong Kai burger and their Nutella crepe!

Good Things to Eat at Everything With Fries When It Reopens

Photo: @ewf_sg (Instagram)

Judging by the replies on their Facebook page and Instagram post, one of the most highly-anticipated dishes is Everything With Fries’s Har Jeong Kai Burger – a crispy, prawn-paste battered chicken patty sandwiched between two slices of fluffy bun and, of course, complete with a side of fries. Our mouths are watering just looking at that picture!

Photo: @ewf_sg (Instagram)

And among their desserts, there’s this beauty of a cake: a layered Nutella crepe drizzled with generous dollops of the chocolate sauce-spread.

It’s easy enough to see why people are so excited about Everything With Fries coming back! We know we’ll definitely be making a trip down once operations start. Will you?

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