Emma “Gravity Defying” Soft Serve Ice Cream From Japan Is Now Available In S’pore!

Japanese Dessert Brand Emma Launches "Gravity Defying" Soft Serve In Singapore!

Japan is well known for its unique and exquisite desserts. Well, now we have the pleasure to try out Emma, a Japanese dessert brand with their first overseas branch set up in Singapore!

Emma “Gravity Defying” Soft Serve Ice Cream From Japan Is Now Available In Singapore!

Photo: @whatthefeasts (Instagram)

Using only authentic Japanese ingredients of the highest quality such as premium Japanese milk to create its signature soft serve, Emma’s soft serve is so firm that it can defy gravity! It can hold up to a record timing of 8 minutes. But we recommend everyone to try overturning it for 1 minute just for the fun of it, and then enjoy your sweet treat!

Soft Serve in Charcoal Cone

Photo: @mingst3r (Instagram)

Emma is known for their “No drop upside down” ice cream! Try flipping it upside down and see how it stays intact. In addition, they serve a total of 9 variations of this soft serve with charcoal cones. With flavors such as Kinako Sprinkles, Cocoa Sprinkles, Matcha Sprinkles, Caramel Dip, Matcha Dip, Strawberry Dip, Charcoal Cheese, Chocolate Dip and Classic Original Milk, there’s something for everyone!

Soft Serve with Okinawa Brown Sugar Bubble in Wafer Shell

Photo: @stormscape (Instagram)

Perfect for the gram, and sharing, this sweet treat is another popular item on their menu! Chewy, crispy, crunchy and cold all at the same time, this is an extremely unique dessert that you must definitely try at least once.

Soft Serve in Cup with Okinawa Brown Sugar Bubble

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If you prefer something that’s less messy, you could also opt for the Soft Served in a cup that is topped off with Okinawa Brown Sugar. This Soft Serve comes with your choice of matcha powder or kinako powder sprinkled on top!

Emma Soft Serve Floats

Photo: @darr3n0ng (Instagram)

Exclusive to the outlet at 100AM outlet, Emma also has a series of Soft Serve Floats! They have a total of 5 different Soft Serve Floats such as Sunny Soft Float, Virgin Mojito Soft Float, Pink Lady Soft Float, Green Tapioca Soft Float, and Black Tapioca Soft Float.

Their classic Black Tapioca Soft Float combines the trending bubble tea with their signature soft serve. A mild but fragrant cup of black tea is topped off with Okinawa Brown Sugar Pearls, and Japanese soft serve to sweeten things up!

Must-Try Gravity Defying Soft Serve From Japan!

Photo: @emmasoftsg (Instagram)

Take a quick snap of your very own Emma soft serve ice cream upside down, and make everyone go WOW before you savor your sinful dessert! Emma currently has 2 outlets in Singapore, Plaza Singapura, and 100AM, so make sure to visit them soon!

Address: Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #B2-45, Singapore 238839 | 100 Tras Street #02-10 Singapore 079027

Operating Hours: 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily

Links: Facebook | Instagram

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