Singaporean Holds Durian Charity Sale to Help Those Affected by COVID-19


  • Singaporean, Samuel Chen, opened a durian stall to provide jobs for workers affected by the pandemic.
  • He’s holding a durian charity sale today (9 June 2020) – so go on down and support him!
  • Buying from this stall means both enjoying quality durian and helping others in our community!

What’s better than eating durian during the durian season? Eating durian during the durian season for charity. That’s right, folks. You now have an opportunity to help out those in need during this COVID-19 pandemic – by eating durians from Samuel Chen’s durian stall!

The 38-year-old – former Director of Danish Breweries, current co-founder of Farmland Asia Holdings Pte Ltd, and now proud owner of Home of Durian – hires workers who have lost their jobs during the circuit breaker period. And on top of that, he’s holding a durian charity sale today to raise funds for the elderly and vulnerable!

Photo: Home of Durian (Facebook)

Durian Charity Sale Happening Today, 9 June 2020

So what’s Chen doing for the charity sale? Well, he’s selling Mao Shan Wang durians from Pahang – doesn’t that sound delicious? They’re going at $48 for a 500-gram box, with free delivery if you buy 3 boxes or more. All proceeds go to TOUCH Community Services to help those in need, so really, if you buy durian from Home of Durian today, you’re doing a good deed!

Photos: Home of Durian (Facebook)

The charity sale will be delivery only for today, so you can order the durians by calling, WhatsApp-ing, or SMS-ing 8811 0060! Or, if you’re currently scrolling Facebook instead of doing your work like you’re supposed to (we see you!), you can also send Home of Durian’s Facebook page a private message. It’s an easy and convenient way to both get yourself some quality durian and help your fellow Singaporeans, so why not, right?

Hiring Workers Affected By Pandemic

As we’ve previously mentioned, charity sales aren’t the only way Chen is helping the community during these difficult times. He’s also been hiring workers who have been hard hit by the pandemic, either losing their jobs or suffering paycuts! The workers earn between $5-$7 from each delivery trip, and Home of Durian does not take a commission from them.

“Our priority is not profits. While we cannot help everyone, we aim to help as many as we can,” Chen said in an interview with Shin Min Daily News (SMDN).

It’s a wonderful sentiment and a great example to follow.


We at Singapore Foodie are touched by Chen’s efforts to give back to the community! In times like these, it’s all the more important that we do what we can to help those in need. Whether that’s volunteering, donating, or yes, buying quality durian for charity, why not step up and lend a helping hand?

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