Durian Prices In Singapore Hit An All-Time Low In 4 Years, As Low As $10/kg for Musang King!

It’s that time of the year again. Yes, you guessed it – durian season!


Probably the best news durian lovers have heard all year, durian prices in Singapore are at an all-time low right now. It seems like fans of the king of fruits can look forward to ringing in the new year with an affordable durian feast.

Durian Prices In Singapore Hit An All-Time Low In 4 Years

Photo: @durianempire (Instagram)

The reason for the year-end price dip is largely due to a bumper crop of durians in Malaysia. Durians harvested in Johor and Pahang at the same time this season have caused a surge in supply. As a result, prices have been adjusted downwards.

Photo: @myoilyfunscoops (Instagram)

Additionally, favourable weather conditions were cited as one of the reasons for the good yield.

Prices Set To Dip Even Further Mid-December

Photo: @doting_dad (Instagram)

The average pricing for Musang King now ranges from $10 per durian for slightly less superior grades of the fruit, to S$10 per kg for the better quality ones.

That’s not all! There’s even better news for those looking to get their hands on a basket of this creamy fruit. Current prices are predicted to drop even further as we enter the peak season in the middle of December. This year-end bonanza is expected to last till at least February 2023.

Photo: @lesondefood (Instagram)

Hurry! From now till February, there’s no better time period to celebrate the festive seasons and usher in the new year with a pocket-friendly durian feast.

Cover Photo: @myoilyfunscoops (Instagram), @durianempire (Instagram)

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