Compulsory For Everyone To Wear A Face Mask When Out In Public Or Face Minimum $300 Fine

Hi Foodies, we have some important news for you today! It is now mandatory for everyone to wear a face mask when out in public, effective April 14 2020. Those that are caught without wearing it will be fined $300 for first time offence, $1000 the second and the following cases will be prosecuted in court!

This rule comes after Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Masagos Zulkifli, announced that many people are not taking the circuit breaker measures seriously. Over 3,000 warnings and fines have been issued!

Children Under Age of 2 Are Among Those Exempted

There are 2 exceptions to this regulation – children below the age of two, and those engaging in exercise. However, once completing their exercise, they must put on the mask, says Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong.

Photo: The Straits Times

Those Working In Essential Services Must Adhere To Regulation

This rule will apply to everyone residing in Singapore, including all essential services such as frontliners, food handlers, cashiers, bus drivers and, foreign residents. If the foreign residents are caught breaching these rules, they will have their work permits or permanent status revoked.

Remember that only Enforcement Officers are allowed to take action. A good way to spot impostors is to look out for their corporate attire and lanyards of their respective agencies!

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Photo: The Straits Times

Let’s Do Our Part To Help Our Country Recover

With the daily rise in Covid-19 cases, we are glad to see Singapore imposing stricter penalties. We should only go out if necessary and adhere to rules and help this beautiful country recover as fast as possible! Let’s stay strong people!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Sources: The Straits Times, Channel News Asia

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