This Stall At Upper Thomson Serves One Of The Best Kampong Chicken Rice!

Chicken Rice is a quintessential dish in almost every hawker centre. Considered by many as Singapore’s unofficial “National Dish”, it is a staple in almost every Singaporean’s meal. With plenty of Chicken Rice stalls in Singapore to try, here’s one to start with! Situated at Upper Thomson Road lies Chicken House, where they serve a delicious and healthy plate of Kampong Chicken Rice! What makes their Chicken Rice so good? Let’s take a look!

Kampong Chicken Rice At Upper Thomson Road

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

Since 2002, Chicken House has been serving up tasty plates of their Kampong Chicken Rice and have garnered quite a cult following over the last 19 years. What’s unique about this stall is that they use Kampong Chicken, instead of the normal ones like the majority of the stalls in Singapore use.

Kampong Chickens vary from normal ones as they eat anything from bugs to stones to seeds rather than being fed chicken feed. More importantly, Kampong Chickens are not confined to cages and are free to roam and hunt. Even though they’re smaller than cage-bred chickens, the manner they are grown is said to make their flesh leaner and tastier, with less fat. A perfect healthier-choice alternative for all the Chicken Rice lovers!

Image: Singapore Foodie




Photo: Singapore Foodie

The Chicken Rice ($5) comes in a set with a bowl of soup. The rice is fluffy and isn’t too oily, yet still being flavourful. The rice is definitely more on the healthier side, perfect for those who are a little more health-conscious.  The chicken is super tender and the skin is insanely silky! There is a very clean taste to it and you can definitely taste the freshness of the chicken in each bite! It’s as if the chicken just came from the farm! Additionally, it isn’t too oily, yet still being flavourful and moist.

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Photo: Singapore Foodie

The chilli is another highlight of this dish. It really packs a punch and has a hint of sweetness to it. For those who love their spice, this chilli is certain to hit the spot! Additionally, they serve ginger as well which not many stalls serve with their chicken rice nowadays. The ginger and chilli goes extremely well with the chicken and gives a perfect balance of flavours when eaten together. Simply delicious! The soup will certainly take you by surprise. Although it is your normal chicken rice soup, it is so much more flavourful than the usual ones you’ll get at other stalls. Even for those who aren’t really a fan of soups, you would definitely be wanting another bowl of this one!

Head Down To Chicken House Today!

Fans of Chicken Rice should definitely come down and give this stall a try! Come down early if you want to avoid the queue during lunchtime! Hurry down and try it today!

Address: 255 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574382

Operating Hours: Daily, 10:45 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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