Burger King S’pore Launches Mala Stacker Burgers

Both Beef & Chicken Patties Are Available!

Hello, foodie fam! Anyone here a super huge fan of Mala? Or perhaps you’re an avid lover of burgers? Well, if you happen to be both, we’ve got great news! This news is all about one of our favourite burger joints, Burger King.

sg Burger King launches Mala stacker burgers
Photo: BurgerKingSG

Singapore’s Burger King Now Offers Mala Stacker Burgers

They’ve just launched Mala burgers. Not just ordinary Mala burgers, mind you. But Mala STACKER burgers. Seriously, how cool is that? In addition, both chicken and beef patties are available so you get to opt for your personal favourite. Or maybe you guys should totally order both to get the best of both spicy-chicken-and-beef-mala-burger worlds. Sounds great, right? Totally! Here’s the exclusive Burger King offer:

1. Mala Beef Stacker

burger king beef stacker
Photo: BurgerKingSG


2. Mala Chick’n Crisp Stacker

Burger King stacker beef
Photo: BurgerKingSG

If you feel double or triple patties aren’t enough, feel free to add more! Each patty top-up is priced at only S$2.80! Go ahead, unleash you inner mala-stacker-patty side in you.

Hold up guys! Before you scurry over to get your hands on these beauties, there’s also a value meal that comes alongside the burgers. From S$6.90, you’ll also get a medium pack of French fries and a small Coca-Cola Less Sugar drink. Now, you guys can head over to Burger King and join in on the queue.

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Burger King sg promo
Photo: BurgerKingSG

So, what are you guys still doing here? Head over to Burger King and get a taste of these exclusive tower-stacking Mala burgers. Oh, don’t forget to say hi when you spot us in the queue. Besides, we don’t bite.

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