BREAKING: Starker Singapore is Closing Down All 7 Outlets


  • Starker Singapore – better known as Starker Bistro and Bar – is closing down all 7 outlets in Singapore.
  • Starker Singapore was a beloved German-themed bistro and bar known for their locally brewed beer.
  • They may return in the future, but in these uncertain times, who can tell for sure if they will?

It’s with a heavy heart that we at Singapore Foodie report that Starker Singapore – a beloved bistro and bar business and one of Singaporeans’ go-to supper places – is shutting down, possibly for good, in Singapore.

Beloved Bistro & Bar Closing Down All Singapore Outlets

Photo: Starker Singapore (Facebook)
Photo: @tplim1967 (Instagram)

In a Facebook post on Thursday night, Starker Singapore released a statement that announced that they were shuttering all 7 outlets across Singapore – and it was a saddening goodbye. “We thank all who have supported us since we tapped our first barrel of beer and enjoyed every pint of refreshing brew with us,” the post read. “It is with [a] heavy heart that a difficult decision has to be made and we will cease operations of all Starker outlets.”

We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty devastated!

Photo: Starker Singapore (Facebook)

Starker Singapore’s Difficult Decision

Photo: @tze.yee (Instagram)

There were rumours of their closing flying around the Internet in recent weeks, but the bar and bistro business officially announced that they were closing only yesterday.

Before their untimely end, Starker Bistro & Bar was known for their delectable menu offerings (such as pasta, pizza, and other Western-style dishes), generous heaping plates, and their bestselling marquee item: their beer, which you could until recently take home in a giant beer keg. (Talk about authentic!) Those days, however, it seems, are over – to everyone’s great dismay.

But Fret Not – There May Be Good News

Let’s not lose hope so fast, though! Despite their closure, Starker may reopen its doors after the COVID-19 pandemic – they’ve hinted as much in their Facebook post. “We may be back to tap,” the post states. Well, we know that when they do, we’ll welcome them back with open arms!

If there’s anything we’ve learned from this, it’s that it’s important to celebrate and support our local businesses, especially in this trying period. We’ll definitely be ordering food in from our favourite local haunts tonight – won’t you join us?

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