Sim Lim Ice-Cream Uncle Is Back: Let’s Show Our Support

Hi Foodies, according to a Facebook post by Happy People Helping People community, our beloved Sim Lim Ice-Cream Uncle is back selling ice cream at the same spot! We are so happy that he is finally able to operate his business after being closed due to the circuit breaker.


87-year-old ice cream seller, Ng Teak Boon, had recently caught the attention of netizens after CNA insider released videos exposing poverty in Singapore. For more than 10 years, Mr Ng had been selling $1.50 ice-cream from a bicycle cart beside the Sim Lim Tower. As selling ice-cream is his only source of income, the videos prompted overwhelming support from citizens throughout Singapore.


Michelin Starred Restaurant Created A Dessert Inspired By Sim Lim Ice-Cream Uncle

Photo: Channel News Asia

Ever since the touching story of Mr Ng went viral, many viewers offered to help Mr Ng live a better life. One of them was Andre Chiang, owner of recently closed-down Michelin Starred restaurant, Restaurant Andre. He created an ice-cream sandwich dessert as a tribute to Mr Ng. For every ice-cream he sold at his restaurant, he would donate $5 to Mr Ng.

The day before he closed his restaurant on Feb 14, Mr Chiang passed on a cheque of $11,370 to Mr Ng. Awesome gesture, Andre!

Photo: Channel News Asia

Let’s Show Our Support To Sim Lim Ice-Cream Uncle

If you do walk past his ice-cream cart, do buy an ice-cream and wish him well. He has given so much joy to our community, so let’s give it back.

“I will sell ice cream till I die” – Ng Teak Boon, CNA Insider

Check out the full story here.

Sources: Channel News Asia, Happy People Helping People Community

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