BREAKING: M&M’s Ice Cream Now Available At Cold Storage Until 21st Nov!

M&M's Ice Cream On Sale At Cold Storage At Only $4.95 Per Box!

There’s only one thing that can beat ice cream. It’s ice cream on sale! M&M’s Ice Cream will be on sale at Cold Storage from 15th Nov to 21st Nov, going at only $4.95 per box of 4!

M&M’s Ice Cream Is Here, At 50% OFF At Cold Storage – Limited Time Only!

Photo: @miniminimijin (Instagram)

Calling all M&M fans and chocolate lovers! You can now get your daily dose of sugar fix with the new in-store M&M’s ice cream stick. Cold Storage will be having a special promotion at only $4.95 per box. Each box consists of 4 heavenly ice cream sticks, with a smooth and creamy center and crunchy coating!

Photo: @carolinacanetti (Instagram)
Photo: @baknieuws (Instagram)

You can choose between two flavors; their original Chocolate flavor or their Peanut flavor! If you can’t choose between the two, why not just get both? There is no harm in that right?

Ongoing Promotion At Cold Storage!

However, this sale will be ongoing for a limited time only. It will be happening from 15th Nov to 21st Nov at all Cold Storage outlets, or while stocks last. So be quick and grab em’ before they are all gone!

Photo: Cold Storage

There will also be other products that will be going on sale from the 15th of Nov to 21st of Nov. Be sure to visit the nearest Cold Storage outlet near you and check out the good deals for yourself!

UOB Cardmembers can also enjoy an exclusive $8 off with every minimum spend of $80.

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