BREAKING: Japan’s Famous Takoyaki Stall Gindaco Is Reopening At Jcube S’pore!

Gindaco Takoyaki Reopening At Jcube!

You might remember the long queue for this particular Takoyaki stall in Singapore a few years back. Gindaco had entered Singapore’s shores before, but sadly closed down their 4 outlets at ION, Raffles City, Bedok Point, and Jurong Point. Gindaco’s long-awaited return will be on the 29th of November at Jcube!

Japan’s Famous Takoyaki Stall Gindaco Reopens 29 Nov At Jcube!

Takoyaki may not be a rare sight in Singapore, but what makes Gindaco so special is that tenkasu (crunchy deep-fried flour dough) is added into the Takoyaki! Additionally, you can really taste the difference in the flavour and texture as compared to what you find at the usual stores.

Unique Takoyaki Flavours

Gindaco Takoyaki Jcube
Photo: @munchie.diaries (Instagram)

If you’re looking for a more interesting snack, Gindaco is the place to go! You will find interesting topping options such as mentaiko mayo, egg mayo and even seasonal sauces.

Gindaco Takoyaki Jcube
Photo: @stevenwang27 (Instagram)

As for their pricing, you can get a box of six for $5.90, eight for $7.90, and 16 for $15.80. Alternatively, there’s the Cheese Mentaiko Takoyaki ($6.90 for a box of six, $8.50 for eight, and $17 for 16).

Japan’s Famous Takoyaki Stall Gindaco Reopens 29 Nov At Jcube!

If you haven’t already tried Gindaco’s Takoyaki, we seriously recommend that you do. Fans of Mentaiko simply can’t miss out on this one! Let us know in the comments what you think of these.

Address: 2 Jurong East Central 1, #B1-12/18/19, JCube, Singapore 609731

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