Fruit Juice Mee Siam, Ke Kou Mian, and More – 9 Unique Noodles To Try in Singapore

Tired of eating the same types of food over and over again? Wishing for something novel and exciting to jazz up the routine?


Fret not – we’ve got you covered. Here are 9 unique noodle options for you to spice up your life – and your dinner table.

1. Fruit Juice Mee Siam

Photo: @instawasabisabi (Instagram)

Tired of regular mee siam? Why not try fruit juice mee siam! Fresh fruit juice replaces the assam in this local favourite, putting a refreshing, tangy spin on the dish. Mee siam can get a little too rich if you eat too much of it, but rest assured that won’t happen with this bowl.

Photo: @hello.avy (Instagram)

What fruit juice goes into the mee siam? Well, we don’t know, because it’s a secret recipe. Whatever it is, though, it’s absolutely delicious.

Photo: @charles.huxy (Instagram)

And if you’re in the mood for innovative noodles, but you’re not in the mood for mee siam, try the Asia Delight Laksa at this stall – which replaces coconut milk with fresh coconut juice. It’s exactly as refreshing as it sounds.

Address: 531A Upper Cross St, #02-66 HONG LIM FOOD CENTRE, Singapore 051531

Opening Hours: 11:30am – 4pm (Mon – Sat)

2. Yuan Yang Hor Fun

Hor fun is a local wok-specialty delight that never fails to disappoint. But if you’re in the mood for trying something new, why not order a bowl of Yuan Yang Hor Fun from Q Hor Fun, featuring both classic mushroom sauce and pork chop curry?

Photo: @qhorfun (Instagram)

The smooth, silky rice noodles, with their mild fragrance, complement the thicker curry perfectly. Think Hainanese curry – that’s what the curry roux here reminds you of. The fried pork chop is a perfect, crisp golden brown on the outside that gives way to surprisingly tender meat.

And the braised sauce balances it out well.


Address: 5 Cross Street, Market Street, #01-26 Interim Hawker Centre, 048418

Opening Hours: 9:30am – 3pm (Mon – Fri), 10am – 4pm (Sat – Sun)

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram


3. Truffle Wanton Noodles

Photo: Bee Kee Wanton Noodles (Facebook)

Truffle fries are what you might try at a hipster cafe, or chow down on while tossing back a cocktail at a bar. But have you ever heard of truffle wanton noodles? No? Well, they exist, and they’re delicious. The truffle aroma wafts up as you begin mixing the noodles, making your mouth water. And when you do finally eat a mouthful, the noodles are springy and go amazingly well with the truffle oil.

Each bowl of Truffle Wanton Mee at Bee Kee Wanton Noodles comes with both steamed and fried wantons, as well as a generous serving of char siew. And the fried lard is free-flow. What more could you ask for?

Address: 5, 1-15 Cross St, Singapore 048418


Opening Hours: 7am – 2:30pm (Mon – Fri)

Link(s): Facebook

4. Fancy Maggi Mee

Photo: @navlem (Instagram)

Well, to be exact, they’re fancy Koka instant noodles. (Or Ke Kou Mian.)

The broth doesn’t come out of the packet. Rather, it’s homemade, with a mild richness that’s super satisfying and The Healthy Choice at the same time. These noodles may not have that MSG goodness that comes with your usual guilty-pleasure supper noodles, but they’re extremely tasty.

You might have heard of Hai Xian Zhu Zhou already – it’s made quite a name for itself – but we think it’s definitely worth mentioning again. Come on, fancy instant noodles? That’s basically every kid’s dream supper, but better!

Photo: @taneeg (Instagram)

Pick your soup (seafood, tomyum, pork base or spicy) and your choice of noodles. You don’t have to pick the instant noodles (although we would!), you can also go for mee sua or ee mian, or even sheng mian or bee hoon.

It’s definitely a must-try, for us.

Address: 163A Gangsa Road, #01-01, Singapore 671163

Opening Hours: 4am – 2:30pm (Fri – Wed)


Address: 233 Yishun Street 21, Singapore 760233

Opening Hours: 6am – 3:30pm (Mon – Tues, Thurs – Sun)

5. Singapore-Style Ramen

Photo: @noctis_koh (Instagram)

We’re not sure if this is a Singaporean twist on ramen or a Japanese twist on wanton noodles, but either way, these noodles from A Noodle Story are sure to satisfy all your noodle cravings. Dubbed the Singapore-Style Ramen, this bowl comes with Hong-Kong style shrimp wanton, potato-wrapped prawns, and an onsen egg. The sauce is made with dried shrimp and sambal chilli, giving it depth of flavour and providing that local twist.

Photo: @okaytravis (Instagram)

Besides, this stall is a Michelin Bib Gourmand listed stall! That’s how good it is, in case, you know, you weren’t convinced already.

Address: Amoy Street Food Centre 7 Maxwell Road Stall #01-39, Singapore 069111

Opening Hours: 11:15am – 2.30pm, 5:30pm – 7:30pm (Mon – Fri); 10:30am – 1:30pm (Sat)

Link(s): Facebook

6. Scallop Mee Pok

Photo: @hosay_mee_pok (Instagram)

Scallops? In your mee pok? It’s more likely than you think.

All memes aside, we thought that this seafood soup mee pok was pretty unusual – and pretty spectacular, The scallops are succulent and fresh, infusing the soup with the sweetness of seafood. And the wider mee pok Hosay Mee Pok serves gives a great bite to this dish.

They’re also generous with the toppings at this stall, in case you couldn’t already tell from the photo. If you’re a seafood fan, you’ll absolutely love this slight twist to your regular mee pok.

Address: 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-120, ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre, Singapore 150006

Opening Hours: 8:30am – 10:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Tel: 8181 8172

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram

7. Red, Green, Blue Ban Mian

Photo: @mammambuddy (Instagram)
Photo: @tlc.eats (Instagram)

Talk about Instagrammable hawker food! Yue Lai Xiang Delights serves up not only a mean bowl of ban mian, but a very colourful bowl of ban mian. These noodles and mee hoon kueh are coloured with all-natural ingredients like beetroot (red noodles), butterfly pea flowers (blue noodles), and spinach (green noodles).

Photo: Yue Lai Xiang Delights (Facebook)

But it’s not just the noodles that are great – it’s also the broth, which is simmered overnight with pork bones. As we all know, it’s the broth that makes the ban mian, and this definitely doesn’t disappoint.

These noodles come in both soup and dry forms, and overall, they’re wonderfully unique.

Address: 22 Sin Ming Rd, #01-224, Singapore 570022

Opening Hours: 10am – 6:30pm (Mon – Sat), 11am – 2pm (Sun)

Link(s): Facebook

8. Japanese Fusion Mee Pok

Photo: Ah Li Mee Pok (Facebook)

Run by a Japanese hawker, this stall serves up regular bak chor mee as well, but the star of the show is surely the Japanese-fusion mee pok, which contains Japanese chashu. And it’s served with miso or shoyu soup, depending on what you feel like drinking.

Each bowl is packed with generous servings of chashu, meatballs, sliced pork, and imitation abalone, and is hearty and filling.

That is to say – if there’s ever a situation in which you can’t decide between ramen and bak chor mee, why not try this?

Opening Hours:

Address: 710 Clementi West Street 2, Singapore 120710

Opening Hours: 7am – 3pm (Tues – Sun)

Tel: +65 8742 6540

Link(s): Facebook

9. Salted Egg Chicken Cutlet Noodles

Photo: @taykeenoodlehouse (Instagram)

The salted egg craze wasn’t that long ago, and we don’t know about you, but we’re definitely still up for a new dish made with eggy goodness. Last but certainly not least on this list of unique noodles is this Salted Egg Chicken Cutlet Noodle dish sold by Tay Kee Noodle House, which usually sells more traditional noodles, but which has branched out to appeal to younger audiences.

Photo: @taykeenoodlehouse (Instagram)

This dish is decadent, filling, and perfect for a cheat day – look at those golden-brown chicken chunks and that thick, creamy salted egg sauce. Tay Kee uses ramen noodles for this dish instead of traditional mee kia, and for the better – the sauce clings to the noodles, and the texture makes sure you get a satisfying mouthful with every bite.

Address: 100 Beach Rd, Singapore 189702

Opening Hours: 8am – 8pm (Mon – Fri)

Link(s): Instagram

That’s all for now, folks. If you’re bored of your usual noodles, why not give these unique ones a try?

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