9 Best Stalls At Beauty World Food Centre You Must Try! (2023 Guide)

With scrumptious food ranging from Mediterranean and Korean dishes to spicy Ban Mian, crispy Cornflake Chicken and refreshing Chendol, you’ll definitely be leaving with a satisfied tummy when at Beauty World Food Centre. In this list, we bring you the 9 best stalls you definitely have to check out. An incredible feast awaits!

Top 9 Stalls You Must Try At Beauty World Food Centre!

1. Hapiha

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Offering an array of dishes like Italian pizzas, Turkish kebabs, and Greek souvlaki, Hapiha will definitely satisfy your cravings for hearty Mediterranean food. Best of all, there is no MSG in any of their dishes!

Image: Singapore Foodie

For the Hummus & Pita Bread, the pita is made fresh and has a pleasant bite and doughy texture to it. The hummus is delightfully thick and creamy, with the flavour of the garlic and chickpeas coming through for a burst of umami.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

The San Daniele Parma Ham & Rocket Pizza (9-inch) is prepared with fresh dough, and the flour and cheese are imported from Italy. The pizza dough has a nice crispy crust, with a good amount of doughiness. 18-month-aged parma ham is used, and you can definitely taste the quality with each bite! It is incredibly flavourful, yet it doesn’t get too overbearing. Additionally, the rocket leaves and acidity of the cherry tomatoes give a beautiful balance of flavours.

Image: Singapore Foodie

The Pork Souvlaki is grilled to order, making it extremely tender and flavourful. The pita bread is cooked on the pork skewers, absorbing all of the delicious flavours. Served with Tzatziki sauce, it is made with premium yoghurt, giving a lovely tang that complements the savoury pork. Pair everything together for the best flavour and texture combination!

Unit: #04-55

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Mon, 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

2. Top 1 Home Made Noodle

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

Draw snaking long queues daily, this spot is a must-try for their incredible handmade ban mian that seriously packs a punch! The Dry Ban Mian has the perfect thickness and is cooked to al dente. The noodles are coated in a flavourful sauce that delivers a delightful amount of savouriness with a hint of sweetness.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Compared to others, Top 1’s chilli definitely delivers a more fiery kick which is perfect for all you spice lovers. The spice builds and lingers with each bite, and doesn’t overpower the sauce. The ingredients are also done well, adding layers of flavour and textures to the dish. Additionally, the soup is light and comforting, with each sip bursting with porky goodness.

Unit: #04-44

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Wed, 10:30 am – 6:30 pm

3. You Peng Noodle Dumpling House

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Known for their handmade Xiao Long Bao and Dumplings, You Peng Noodle Dumpling House has been operating at Beauty World Food Centre for over 11 years. Their chefs are those who have previously worked in high-end dim sum restaurants and the dumplings are steamed in bamboo steamers upon order for freshness.

Image: Singapore Foodie

Served with ten decent-sized xiao long baos, the skin of You Peng’s dumplings are slightly thicker compared to your typical ones like those from Din Tai Fung. The skin is pleasantly chewy and contains a decent amount of the light and flavourful broth. Well-seasoned, the filling has a prominent ginger taste without being too overwhelming.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Be sure to pair your dumplings with the vinegar dip and ginger strips for an extra dimension of flavour. Adding a slight sourness, the vinegar pairs perfectly with the savouriness of the pork filling, giving an amazing balance of flavours!

Unit: #04-23

Operating Hours: Daily, 10am to 9pm

4. Big Boys Sizzling

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

Using your humble chicken cutlet, Big Boys Sizzling has taken it up a notch by serving up scrumptious and crispy cornflake chicken! The chicken is incredibly crispy, with the cornflakes making the batter thicker than your usual fried chicken cutlets. However, it does get more jelak as well, making this a good sharing dish. The chicken is succulent and the flavour of the cornflakes shines through with each bite.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Their fries are coated with curry powder and the coleslaw is fresh and crunchy, with a pleasant amount of tang. Definitely a tasty dish worth checking out!

Unit: #04-25

Operating Hours

  • Daily, except for Thurs, 11am to 8.45pm
  • Thursday, 11.45am to 8.45pm

5. Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle Rice

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

One of the popular gems at the hawker centre, their crowd-favourite Soya Sauce Chicken Noodles is perfectly springy, giving them a delightful and addictive al dente texture. Mix them well with the sauce for an amazing burst of savouriness and spice! The chicken is marinated well and is incredibly tender and succulent. Additionally, it gives a beautiful balance of flavours when paired with the noodles.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

The chilli here seriously packs a punch and its tanginess pairs perfectly with the chicken, giving a good balance to its savouriness. Although the soup might look pretty ordinary, it is packed with flavour and has a prominent hae bi taste, making each sip simply incredible.

Unit: #04-48,

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Wed, 12pm to 7pm

6. Hong Wen Mutton Soup

Photo: Singapore Foodie

One of the few remaining hawkers serving Chinese-style Mutton Soup, Hong Wen serves up Teochew-style mutton soup instead of the typical Hainanese version. First opened by Mr Tan’s father, the stall now has two outlets, with the other at Bukit Timah Food Centre that’s currently run by Mr Tan’s elder brother.

Image: Singapore Foodie

The Mutton Soup has an amazing depth of flavour and is one of the cleanest-tasting mutton soups you’ll find. There is a slight herbal taste to it and the sweetness from the goji berries gives a beautiful balance of flavours. Additionally, ginger strips and garlic are also added to help rid of the mutton smell.

The mutton is seriously tender and has a good amount of flavour without any gaminess. Be sure to pair it with the chilli for a delightful burst of spice and tang and to help cut through the gaminess as well. It is definitely one of the best Chinese-style mutton soups in Singapore, making Hong Wen Mutton Soup a must-try spot!

Unit: #04-20

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Monday, 11am to 3pm

7. Buta Kin

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

Serving up affordable and delectable bowls of ramen, Buta Kin’s Special Tonkotsu Ramen is served with a generous portion of noodles, along with three slices of pork belly, black fungus, half-boiled egg and seaweed. The soup has an incredible pork flavour while still being on the lighter side, making every sip extremely comforting and perfect for any rainy day.

The noodles have a delightful al dente texture and are slightly thinner as compared to your typical ramen noodles. Each pork slice is flavourful and succulent, with the fats melting beautifully with each bite.

Unit: #04-28

Operating Hours

  • Mon to Fri, 11.30am to 9pm
  • Sat & Sun, 11am to 9pm

8. Pink Candy

Photo:@hungrywabbit (Instagram) (Instagram)

Specialising in Korean dishes and kimchi, Pink Candy is possibly the only Korean hawker stall with its own rooftop beer garden. Opened by Helena Kim, the popular stall serves a plethora of home-style Korean dishes like Bibimbap, Ginseng Chicken, Spicy Rice Cake, Pancake, Kimchi Fried Rice, Cold Noodles, Army Stew, and many more.

No Korean meal is complete without some fried chicken, and the Chicken Wings come highly recommended which are available in Original, Soy Sauce, and Spicy Sauce. If you’re looking for a chill and relaxing spot to unwind or to hang with friends, there is also barbeque and beer that will go perfectly with all the delicious food Pink Candy has to offer.

Unit: #04-60

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Tues lunch time, 11am to 2.30pm & 5pm to 9pm

9. Ye Tang Chendol

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Craving a refreshing bowl of Chendol to cool you off? Ye Tang Chendol will definitely hit the spot! Serving authentic Penang-style chendol, everything is made from scratch and even the Gula Melaka is imported all the way from Malacca.

Image: Singapore Foodie

Compared to your typical stalls that serve shaved-ice desserts like ice kachang, the ice here is shaved more finely. This gives it a smoother texture, almost similar to Bingsu! The gula melaka has the perfect amount of sweetness and doesn’t have any trace of that artificial flavour. As for the coconut milk, it adds a touch of creaminess and sweetness and you can even control your level of sweetness as well.

Using kidney beans instead of the classic red beans, they are much bigger in size and have a more substantial bite to them. With the chendol jelly as well, both add additional layers of flavour and texture, elevating each bite. Pair everything together for the most delightful balance of sweetness and contrast of textures!

Uni: #04-26

Operating Hours: Wed to Sun, 11am to 8.45pm

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Guaranteed to satisfy your hungry tummies, head down to Beauty World Food Centre and try all these incredible dishes today!

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie, (Instagram)

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