212 Teochew Cuisine: Charcoal-Fired Sliced Fish Steamboat & All-Day Dim Sum

Jing Tai Lan Steamboat Fit For A King!

There are quite a few eateries that are open 24/7 in Singapore, but this might just take the cake. 212 Teochew Cuisine is an eatery that specialises in authentic Teochew dishes. Not only can you have all-day Dim Sum (literally, at any time of the day), you can also have premium Sliced Fish Steamboat for a late-night supper. There is almost no limit to the kind of Teochew cuisine and service you can get here. Also, stay tuned for a special promotion exclusively for our readers!


Pair Charcoal-Fired Sliced Fish Steamboat & Dim Sum

When you think of steamboat, eating out of an exquisite Chinese cloisonné pot probably won’t come to mind – but is what you will get at this Teochew restaurant.

Cloisonné, or Jing Tai Lan in Chinese, is an ancient art technique of decorating metalware. It combines the various forms of crafting and painting porcelain and metal into one. This form of art reached its peak during the Ming dynasty.

fish head steamboat and dim sum

The Jing Tai Lan Sliced Fish Steamboat (from $65) is first made from cooking the broth. The broth is made from premium ingredients like pork bones and fried fish bones. Yam cubes and sour plum are placed in the Jing Tai Lan pot before the broth is poured in.

Following the spirit of authenticity and tradition, heated charcoal are then funnelled into the main heating chamber, which will keep your steamboat bubbling for your entire meal.

It is accompanied by a plate of freshly filleted and sliced whole red grouper for you to add into your pot. Other ingredients provided include seasonal vegetables, enoki mushroom and fried egg floss.


We added a handful of each of the ingredients into our pot before laying the fish slices into the soup.

The ingredients added natural sweetness and flavour to the soup, without any element being too overpowering. The soup tasted rich and savoury, due to the use of both fish bones and pork bones.

As the soup started to boil and evaporate, it tasted more salty, which the staff then offered to refill our soup with more broth. Thanks to this, the soup didn’t get diluted over time.


fish head steamboat and dim sum

The fish tasted sweet and fresh, and easily fell apart in our mouths! Make sure not to leave the fish in the steamboat for too long as we were told that they would become softer and more prone to disintegrating due to its freshness. (That actually happened to us a few times where the fish ‘disappeared’ into the soup!)

Besides steamboat, they also make their Dim Sum in-house every day and steam them upon ordering. It makes a surprisingly good match with the Sliced Steamboat!


The three stand-out Dim Sum were definitely the Xiao Long Bao, Siew Mai and Har Gow ($3.60/3 pieces).

fish head steamboat and dim sum

fish head steamboat and dim sum

They are handmade and steamed to perfection! The skin on them is thin, whereas they are filled to the brim with meaty goodness. Fresh, hot Dim Sum is the best, so if your Dim Sum gets cold, feel free to request for the cooks to re-steam your Dim Sum!

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212 Teochew Cuisine: Charcoal-Fired Sliced Fish Steamboat & All-Day Dim Sum

In the Toa Payoh area, so those living there can rejoice! Especially so if you have cravings for Sliced Fish Steamboat and Dim Sum at ungodly hours! Well, in our opinion, it is also worth giving a try even if you don’t live in that area! This restaurant is also perfect for large gatherings between family and friends. The 20% discount works 24/7 until the end of August.

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212 Teochew Cuisine Pte Ltd. (Toa Payoh)
Location: #01-53 Blk 212, Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, Singapore 310212
Hours: 24/7 Daily
Phone: 6259 0080

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