11 Best Local Desserts In Singapore (2020 Guide)

Always A Yes For Sweet Treats

Whether it’s creamy, soft Durian or the chewy goodness of Chinese Tang Yuan, Singapore’s sweet delights are a splendid thing and we’re aware enough to get you covered on the best places for local sweet treats to end or even to begin your meal with on a sugary high note. Get jiggly!


11 Best Local Dessert In Singapore

#1 Tang Yuen @ Ah Chew Desserts

Serving dessert under $3, ah chew pretty much is rocking the game. Boasting a wide variety of Chinese-style dessert, Ah Chew Desserts if you manage to find a seat an ideal spot for the fam. We’d opt for their Mango Sago, Yam Paste With Ginko Nut and certainly their signature cold Fresh Milk Steamed With Egg White. With the custard feeling light and silky and mango cubes cut in great chunky servings, Ah Chew is that one spot to satisfy cravings.

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Address: #01, 1 Liang Seah St, 10/11 Liang Seah Place, Singapore 189032
Hours: 12.30 PM to 12 AM. Opens daily
Phone: +65 6339 8198

#2 Nyonya Kuih @ Ji Xiang

Serving Ang Ku Kueh since 1988, head there for a taste of local’s favorites at an old school confectionary featuring classic kuih in a classic setting. With the skin from glutinous rice flour that’s soft and sticky, and filled with mung bean or ground peanuts with sugar, it’s soft, chewy, sticky and a little sweet. We encourage to consume more than one of these mochi-like goodness.

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Address: Blk 1 #01-33 Everton Park, Singapore 081001
Hours: 8.30 AM to 5 PM. Opens daily
Phone: +65 6223 1631

#3 Local Cakes @ Chalk Farm

Not a fan of orthodox cakes? You’re ain’t missing much when Chalk farm is here to indulge your palates with cakes channeling rustic vibes and involving ingredients like Durian, Pandan, Gula Melaka and Coconut Milk among other local delights. Their signature kuih salat exuding a custardy texture is gonna bring make memories as the rich flavor and texture with the fragrance of coconut extract hits you at the right spot.

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Located in: Paragon Shopping Centre
Address: 290 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238859
Hours: 10 AM to 9 PM.Opens daily
Phone: +65 6235 2872

#4 Apom Balik@ Frankie’s Peanut Pancake

Here’s a $1 dollar bang for the buck treat from a hole in the wall joint located right in the smack of CBD. Known as ‘Min Jiang Keuh’, Apom Balik or peanut pancake, this thick, soft pillowy texture of dough comes with a generous amount of crushed roasted peanuts thanks to Frankie. For the palates fishing for something different, his sweet red bean paste with peanuts will certainly live up to its expectation.

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Address: 121 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068590
Hours: 8 AM to 4 PM. Closed On Weekends
Phone: +65 9849 9056


#5 Curry Puffs @ Tanglin Crispy Curry Puff

Step in the Hong Lim Market & Food Centre, shop till you drop then take a break by snacking on the famous Tanglin Crispy Curry Puff. With options ranging from Potato Chicken with Egg and Sardine Curry Puff alongside Otak Otak, fans all around the world know what’s up as they bite into a flaky and crunchy exterior burning their lip as the spicy curried potato chicken and the hard-boiled egg flows out making it really hard not to love it.

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Address: 531A Upper Cross Street, #02-36, Hong Lim Food Center, Singapore 069184
Hours: 7 AM to 2 PM. Closed On Sunday
Phone: +65 9740 8408

#6 Putu Piring @ Tan’s Tu Tu Coconut Cake

Similar to Putu Piring as most of us know it Tu Tu Kueh innovates the version of steamed rice cakes with Gula Melaka with the Pandan Leaves and Shredded Coconut as a side serving with sweet fillings like chocolate, strawberry or the classic, coconut and peanut style. Recognized as the first ever shop to sell Tu Tu Kuehs in Singapore, if you know it, you’ve tasted it! Each bites are pillowy, light and just the snack to snack you up during rush hours.

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Address: 22B Havelock Rd, Singapore 162022
Hours: 12 PM to 3 PM. Closed On Sunday & Thursday
Phone: +65 9737 2469

#7 Egg Tarts @ Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries

A Hong Kong Star worshipped by many, Egg tarts are a man-made godly gift made by many and perfected by some. Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries falls on the latter. Truly a local’s spot, they’ve got the Leung Sang Egg Tart and Western Egg Tart. Encompassing a flakier crust that turns into creaminess as the egg custard take over, its truly a pleasure anytime, any day.

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Address: 18 Jln Membina, #01-06, Singapore 164018
Hours: 7.30 AM to 7.30 PM. Opens daily
Phone: +65 6271 6056


#8 Cendol @ Old Amoy Cendhol

Authenticity really means keeping it real and Old Amoy no wonder wins our heart with their legitness. For only $2,  one way to run away from this scorching heat is to freeze your mouth with coarse ice coated with coconut milk, drizzled with Gula Melaka not less yet perfect sweetness accompanied with pandan flavored jellies and red beans. No wonder we’re so proud of this bowl of creation.

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Located in: Chinatown Hawker center
Address: 335 Smith St, #02-008, Singapore 050335
Hours: 10.30 AM to 9 PM. Opens daily
Phone: +65 8748 7590

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#9 Muah Chee @ Hougang Muah Chee

Similar to the texture of Ang Ku Kueh, Muah Chee is someone’s childhood snack. Guilty as charged, we find the Hougang Muah Chee whisking away hand stretching the glutinous rice flour then dipping it in a fried shallot oil mixture and rolled around in heaps of sugared peanut can’t get any more exciting. Exuding a chewy and bouncy experience, they’re extremely soft and fine and absolutely a must.

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Located in: Housing & Development Board
Address: 480 Toa Payoh North, #B1-01 HDB Hub Gourmet Paradise Food Court Stall 21, Singapore 310480
Hours: 10.30 AM to 9.30 PM. Opens daily

#10 Tau Huay @ Rochor Beancurd House

There’s somehting about getting our hands on bean curd so smooth and silky. Enjoy your favorite bowl of warm love any time of the day till owl hours as they serve them slippery smooth without a grainy texture, with an almost melt-in-your-mouth consistency. There are options to add like red bean, peanuts or even peanut riceball. Yet when it comes to Tai Huay, I stand by the rule of less is more! Enjoy 🙂

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Address: 232 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574363
Hours:1 PM to 3 AM. Opens daily
Phone: +65 8288 7020

#11 Cheng Tng @ Xi Le Ting

When it gets hard to find local dessert’s worth in the country, spots like Xi Le Ting come through showing us how it’s done and why we should stick longer. Run by 80-year grandma, shes got  Green Bean Soup, Red Bean Soup, Cheng Tng, and Sweet Wheat Porridge for you to choose from. We’re here for the Cheng Tng. Loaded with white fungus, sago, dried longan, and barley, this goodness with a right amount of sweetness will transport you right back to your couch with a bowl of these on your hands after a solid lunch.

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Address: 117 Commonwealth Dr, Singapore 140117
Hours: 11 AM to 9.30 PM. Closed On Mon, Tue, Wed.

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