10 Things You Need To Check Out At Shilin Night Market Singapore

Happy April! Back in January, it was announced that Shilin Night Market will be coming to Singapore. The creators of Artbox Singapore and Malaysia is bringing the world famous night market from Taiwan to the island! It will be happening soon in the middle of April. It is going to be big, and there are so many things! Here are the 10 Things You Need To Check Out At Shilin Night Market Singapore!

10 Things You Need To Check Out At Shilin Night Market Singapore

1. XXL Chicken from HotstarSG

Photo: (Instagram)

It is not right to start the list without fried chicken. It is just so wrong! The first thing that you will need to try is the Taiwan famous XXL Chicken from HotstarSG. It is crispy on the outside, tender in the inside. You will feel like you have been transported to Taiwan with XXL Chicken on your hands! What’s more? You need to try their brand new flavour, mala! XXL Chicken for life, gang.

2. Crispy Cream Puff from Kazo Singapore

Photo: @kazosingapore (Instagram)

These cream puffs are not ordinary. They are so cute. You will need to snap a photo before sinking your teeth into these crispy cream puffs. You will be happy to know that there are two flavours exclusively available at Shilin Night Market. Indulge in cream puff topped with raspberry powder and apple syrup, or chocolate syrup and cocoa powder. We would love to try the latter one!

3. Signature Taiwan Flaming Boba Milk with Cream Mousse at Milk Bro 

Photo: @milkbro_sg (Instagram)

If you are a big fan of bubble milk tea, you will need to check out Milk Bro. It is something that you will need to insert into your bucket list. Have you seen milk tea being set on fire? It’s rare, and you can see it right here! Order yourself a  Signature Taiwan Flaming Boba Milk with Cream Mousse, and remember to record it ’cause this needs to be in your Instagram Story!

4. Flame Diced Beef Cubes at Huoyanshaiziniu

Photo: @huoyanshaiziniu (Instagram)

If you didn’t know already, no Taiwanese night market is complete without beef cubes. You can munch on some flame grilled beef cubes from Huoyanshaiziniu! Watch as they make the beef cubes, because it is going to be an experience itself! Oh, your mala journey didn’t just stop at XXL Chicken, you can get mala flavour right here too! Not into mala? Try out their cumin flavours! Both are exclusive.

5. Blacksugar Konjac Milk Tea at Bober Tea

Photo: @thefussyfoodie_ (Instagram)

You are not in a Taiwanese night market if you are not holding to a cup of bubble milk tea! You can get your hands on Bober Tea’s bestselling Blacksugar Konjac Milk Tea to quench your thirst from eating too much XXL Chicken.  Of course, there are other choices including the worldwide sensation Brown Sugar Boba Fresh Milk, and Brown Sugar Boba Taro Fresh.

6. Deep Fried Milk at NUA

Photo: @shilinsingapore (Instagram)

It keeps getting better and better! At Shilin Night Market, you can try out deep fried milk! We haven’t tried it before, so we are not sure how it will taste like. But, from the looks of it, it looks extremely crunchy on the outside and gooey in the inside. Do you think it will taste similar to deep fried cheese? If you are going to try it, do let us know how it will taste like. We are extremely curious!

7. Bear Shaped Waffles at Taiwan Waffle

Photo: Taiwan Waffle (Facebook)

Forget about eating waffles. At Taiwan Waffle, you will get to taste different flavours such as cheese, chocolate, and red beans in the cutest shapes ever! You can choose between bear shapes and heart shapes. We are hoping that they might add more shapes and flavours just for Shilin Night Market! Oh, you can also get hotdog fillings at Taiwan Waffle if you are feeling savoury.

8.  Mochi at Kane Mochi Singapore

Photo: Kane Mochi Singapore (Facebook)

Calling out all sweet tooth! These aren’t just any mochis, these are ice-cream mochis! Considering the crowd, Shilin Night Market is going to be very hot. What better way than to cool yourself down with some sweet delights? Get your hands on ice-cream mochis from Kane Mochi Singapore. There are going to many flavours to choose from such as salted caramel, and strangely, lime.

9. Lu Rou Fan at Monki Cafe

Photo: @shilinsingapore (Instagram)

Sure, there are many snacks and beverages on this list. What if you are looking for something more filling before you start your snack free? You will need to try out Lu Rou Fan from Monki Cafe. Lu Rou Fan is made of meat, egg, vegetables, and rice. When it is combined, it is going to be heartwarming and heavenly. Your hungry tummy will thank you for it!

10. Highballs at Jim Bean

Photo: Shilin Night Market (Facebook)

Is Jim Bean from Taiwan? No. Is it worth mentioning on this post? Yes. At Shilin Night Market, you will have the chance to taste their super-carbonated ice-cold highballs in three delicious flavours from the original draft machine! So, if you are looking for something alcoholic, you will need to check out Jim Bean’s booth at Shilin Night Market.

10 Things You Need To Check Out At Shilin Night Market Singapore

That’s the end 10 Things You Need To Check Out At Shilin Night Market Singapore! What are you most excited to try out at Shilin Night Market? We are so curious about deep fried milk! Shilin Night Market will be happening on the 19th to 21st April and 26th to 29th April 2019 at 1 Turf Club Avenue Singapore. Check out their Facebook event page for more information.

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