Famous BBT Joint, Xing Fu Tang, Will Be Opening In Compass One S’pore This September 2019

Hello, friends! If you’re a big fan of bubble tea, this one is for you. It appears that the Taiwan famous bubble tea joint, Xing Fu Tang, isn’t stopping anytime soon. After opening two outlets in Century Square, and Takashimaya, it will be opening its newest outlet in Compass One! Although it was announced that it will be opening in September, no actual date has been confirmed yet.

Xing Fu Tang Opening In Compass One

Photo: Xing Fu Tang (Facebook)

Started in Taiwan, Xing Fu Tang has numerous stores around the world up to date. Being the most popular bubble tea chain in the world, there are 60 domestic outlets and 30 international outlets. Talk about rapid growth! One of the reasons why Xing Fu Tang is one of the most successful bubble tea chains is simply because of its brown sugar and fresh milk concoction.

Photo: Xing Fu Tang (Facebook)

Xing Fu Tang’s Brown Sugar Boba Milk is like no other. Started with handmade bobas, the bobas are carefully cooked with the right mixture of brown sugar. When it is cooked, it is poured into a large pan. It is continuously stir-fried right in front of your eyes! As a result, warm, chewy, and nicely coated bobas are the base of well-known beverage. Fresh milk is added in before brown sugar is being torched. Perfection in a cup!

Photo: Xing Fu Tang (Facebook)

Apart from its flagship product, there are many other beverages that are worth trying. Check out the cutest boba beverage of all-time, Mango Smoothie and Rabbit Panna Cotta. The cutest bunny is placed on the smoothest mango smoothie. Or, you can always check out Matcha Boba Milk, and Strawberry Boba Milk. It comes with a pink colour boba!

A new outlet in September 2019

Photo: Xing Fu Tang (Facebook)

With the new opening of Xing Fu Tang, Sengkang Central’s bubble tea store increases to five. Currently, LiHo Tea, Gong Cha, Koi, and Cup Walker are available in the¬†vicinity. Are you excited about the latest store opening by Xing Fu Tang? Let us know in the comments! We will sure to keep you updated regarding the actual opening date! See you in the next post.

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